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Greeley School District 6

Program Description

This program will provide educators with a semester long program to enhance the teaching and assessment of English Learners. This program will include strategies to differentiate
for ELs as well as basic theoretical knowledge on language acquisition and pedagogical practices.  The program will consist of the following courses:

  • Basics of CLD
  • Creating a space for culture
  • Purposeful planning for equity
  • Relay strategies and aggressive progress monitoring for EL students
  • Differentiation on assessments to meet the needs of EL students
  • Academic Discourse and Academic Writing
  • Strategies for EL students in the Content Area Classroom

  • Language and Literacy
  • Tier 2 Vocabulary Development in Content Classes
  • HYYPs (High yield Pedagogical Practices
  • How to Use WIDA Can Do Descriptors to Differentiate Instruction
  • Co-Teaching Strategies for Content Area Classrooms
  • Purposeful Planning to incorporate WIDA Can Do Descriptors and Co-Teaching Strategies
  • WIDA MODEL and the Language Proficiency Standards



open to all district and charter school teachers

limited availability to other educators for a fee



Required for Completion

Participants must complete all 15 courses to receive a certificate of completion.

Contact Information

Jessica Cooney