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Global Village Charter Collaborative: Creating Equity through Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Learning Environments

Program Description

Equity for Multilingual Learners requires teachers to create culturally and linguistically responsive learning environments and facilitate rigorous learning that is appropriately supported. Participants will engage in research, reflect about their practices, and plan to ensure equity and the highest possible outcomes for their English Language Learners.  The program consists of seven courses:

1. Classroom Action Research: Equity for Multilingual Learners Part One

2. Classroom Action Research: Equity for Multilingual Learners Part Two

3. Assessment Through CELP/WIDA matrices

4. E.L. Achieve: Constructing Meaning

5. Giving Access to Content through Structured Student Talk

6. Book Study  Building Literacy with English Language Learners, Second Edition: Insights from Linguistics Second Edition

7. Backward Designing your Performance task to Scaffold Language Support


Open to all educators for a fee



Required for Completion

Completion of all seven courses

Contact Information

Laura Smallwood

Alicia Macica