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Douglas County School District

Program Description

DCSD currently offers a variety of courses that directly address English Language Development and the needs of English Learners. The following are courses currently offered a minimum of two times per year, and educators may register through InspirED. All courses are offered in hybrid, face to face, and online formats. DCSD has created 103 hours of coursework directly related to instructing and supporting English Learners.

  • Federal and State Law and Requirements: 5 hours
  • Culturally Responsive Classrooms: 5 hours
  • Instructional Design for English Learners - Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (32 total hours)
  • Introduction to SIOP: 8 hours
  • SIOP 1: 8 Hours
  • SIOP 2: 8 Hours
  • SIOP 3: 8 Hours
  • Is it a SPED Issue or Language Acquisition? 8 hours
  • English Language Development: Foundations: 5 hours
  • Academic Conversations: 8 Hours
  • WIDA CLIMBS: 40 Hours over 5 days
  • Collaboration and Co-Teaching: Focus on English Learners: 8 Hours

DCSD will continue to develop and refine courses to support teachers with implementing instruction that successfully supports English


District and district-authorized charter school employees only


Per the DCSD Charter school purchase service agreement, charter school employees will pay $50 per person, or the facilitator fee, to complete DCSD courses. All DCSD neighborhood school staff may attend for no fee.

Required for Completion

45 hours of courses must be completed. Chosen courses must address each of the standards and elements. A matrix showing which standards/elements are addressed by each course can be downloaded here.

Contact Information

Remy Rummel