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The Culturally Responsive Educator and Personalized Learning Innovations

Program Description

Offered by iLearn Collaborative, this course provides educators with the opportunity to study aspects of culturally responsive teaching practices that build equity for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse student populations. Participants will investigate best instructional practices for developing classroom climate, promoting student agency, building learner partnerships, developing literacy, supporting first and second language acquisition, monitoring progress, and deepening the learning experience through personalization and authenticity.

*Please note that due to funding received through Colorado Empowered Learning, which supports professional development for Colorado educators, there is an 861 registration cap. Once that cap is met, the price of the course will be $100 for Colorado educators. To learn more, visit iLC's website


Open to all educators for a fee



Required for Completion

Full course completion

Contact Information

Jill Pellegrini