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READ Plan Sample for EL Students

If an English Learner is determined to have a significant reading deficiency, a READ plan must be developed. Given the unique language and literacy needs of English Learners, the department has created an example plan specific to English Learners. The sample READ plan for English Learners contains the required components of a READ plan which includes components for an individual English Language Development Plan.

The sample READ plan for English Learners is an example, not a required template. Districts can determine the format and the name of their plans. The intent of the sample is to illustrate the areas of English language and literacy development a teacher should consider when planning instruction and intervention for English Learners.

Documents and Resources

EL Guidance

Recognizing the unique language and literacy needs of English Learners to become proficient readers in English, the Colorado Department of Education has created guidance for implementation of the READ Act with English Learners. This guidance is designed to provide parameters for districts to use when developing local policies and practices to support the literacy development of English Learners. This includes READ Act and English Learners guidance for assessment and determination of a significant reading deficiency in grades K-3. Find READ Act requirements for assessing English learners, considerations for selecting the language of assessment, determining a significant reading deficiency, and program considerations.   

  • You may submit your questions about READ Act and English Learners Guidance for Assessment and Determination of a Significant Reading Deficiency in Grades K-3 to a Google form. We would like to create a FAQ webpage to align with the guidance document. We will not publish your personally identifiable information (PII), but we may post your question or reach out to you for clarification. The link to the document: READ Act and English Learners: Guidance for Assessment | CDE (

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WIDA Can Do Descriptors

Individual Student Charts for Kindergarten, First through Second Grade and Third through Fifth grade: The “Can Do” Individual Student Charts provide guidance on how to differentiate process and product of the core content to meet the ELD standards and document access to core content. Use the Can Do descriptors to ensure that accommodations are aligned to the language proficiency level of the student. Language proficiency levels are identified on the most recent ACCESS for ELL state assessment or the most recent WIDA W-APT scores if annual state ACCESS data is not available.

ELD Functions and ELD Scaffolds Charts

The ELD Functions revised 2013 and the  ELD Scaffold revised 2013 lists functions and scaffolds by WIDA language levels from 1 to 5. These charts can be used to develop READ plan ELL objectives by adding the appropriate ELD language function and ELD scaffold to a minimal skill competency. Technical assistance is available on request to develop ELL objectives for READ Plans.

Additional Resources