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Submitting Documentation to Receive READ Act Designation

The READ Act rules define ‘teacher’ as the professional responsible for the literacy instruction of the student(s) and may include the main instructor for a class, an instructional coach, reading interventionist, special education teacher, Title I teacher or other personnel who are identified as effective in the teaching of reading.

Licensed Teachers

To submit documentation to the Colorado Online Licensing System (COOL) that demonstrates a teacher has met the READ Act evidence-based training in teaching reading requirements, the teacher will need to follow the appropriate directions below. 

CDE-provided Online Training

If a teacher completed the CDE online training "Building a Strong Foundation: Developing Early Literacy Skills" through Pepper, they will want to follow the directions below to link their account in Pepper to their account in COOL, so their certificate of completion will be sent from the Pepper system over to COOL.

  • Log in to their COOL account.
  • Select “My Profile”.
  • Select “Designations” in the Credential section of the profile.
  • Select the “Link My Pepper Account” link and follow the instructions.
    • The link will take their to Pepper
    • Log in using their Pepper account credentials
  • Upon successful completion of this process, a confirmation statement will appear in the green bar beneath the “Link to Pepper” instructions.

All Other Pathway Options

For all other pathway options, follow the directions below. 

  • Log in to their COOL account
  • Select “My Profile”.
  • Select “Designations” in the Credential section of the profile.
  • Select “Add Designation”.
  • Click “Yes, Confirm”.
  • Click “Yes” under “Do you wish to be evaluated for the READ Act designation?”
  • Complete a short application and upload their documentation (certificate of completion or transcript).


  • Log in to their COOL account
  • Select + Designation to add the READ Act designation (under “Actions”)
  • Click “Yes, Confirm”.
  • Click “Yes” under “Do you wish to be evaluated for the READ Act designation?”
  • Complete a short application and upload their documentation (certificate of completion or transcript)

Evidence Required for Each Pathway

District Information

Each district that receives per-pupil or early literacy grant funding must annually ensure that all K-3 grade teachers have completed evidence-based training in teaching reading. Following an extension approved by the State Board of Education, all K-3 teachers must complete the teacher training by August 1, 2022. Districts, BOCES, and charters that do not meet the requirements will be ineligible for READ Act funds for the 2022-23 school year. In subsequent years, districts will need to ensure that teachers new to teaching K-3rd grade also meet this requirement.

This communications toolkit includes the following items to help you communicate with your educators about this requirement:

Upcoming Office Hours

The Literacy Team in the Preschool Through 3rd Grade office will be scheduling live monthly office hours to share updates on the READ Act Teacher Training. Topics may include: 

  • Information about the READ Act teacher training requirement
  • ​Important dates for teachers and districts to be aware of
  • Information on pathway options to meet the READ Act teacher training requirement
  • Information on teacher reporting to the Colorado Online Licensing system (COOL)
  • Information on district reporting


Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Archived Office Hours Recordings


District Reporting from COOL

Districts can view reports in COOL of educators in their school district who have submitted documentation to COOL to demonstrate that they have met the READ Act training requirement. This report is available to district officials who have been approved for eLicensing Verification Access (EVA). This information can be found on the Educator Professional Development Requirements Page.


Pulling Reports from the Online Teacher Training (PCG) System

Districts can request the ability to pull reports regarding teacher completion and participation in the online course, "Building a Strong Foundation: Developing Early Literacy Skills" by contacting Claire Conde at

Non-Licensed Teachers

A non-licensed teacher is a teacher who is responsible for classroom instruction, but does not hold a Colorado Teaching License. A non-licensed educator might be a teacher, administrator or support staff in a K-12 school system. The purpose of this form is to collect contact information of non-licensed teachers, so that an email can be sent requesting documentation of meeting the READ Act requirements. The email conversation will be conducted on a secure email server to protect personal identifiable information (PII).

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