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READ Act Resource Bank of Approved Assessments

Interim Assessments

The READ Act requires use of an interim assessment to determine whether a student has a significant reading deficiency in grades K through 3. In the fall of 2013, the department conducted a review process to determine which interim reading assessments to submit for State Board approval for use with the READ Act for 2014 and subsequent school years.  A request for Information (RFI) was initiated by the department to solicit reading interim assessment tools for inclusion on the Colorado State Board of Education Approved List of Interim Assessments, pursuant to C.R.S. 22-7-1209.

The department engaged practitioners from the field with literacy expertise to assist with the review through an open application process conducted in September 2013.  Fourteen English and 8 Spanish reading assessments were reviewed; 7 English and 3 Spanish reading assessments have been recommended. The final approved list as voted on by the State Board of Education is below:

Review Committee Recommendations

English Interim Assessments

Spanish Interim Assessments



Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills Next (DIBELS Next) (Please click here for DIBELS Next Resources)

Indicadores Dinámicos del Éxito en la Lectura (IDEL)

Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST) ( Please click here for FAST resources)


i Ready (Please click here for i-Ready Resources)


ISIP ER, Istation (Please click here for Istation Resources)

ISIP ER Spanish, Istation

Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) (Please click here for PALS resources)

Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening Español

STAR Early Learning  (Please click here for STAR Early Learning Resources)


View Cut Scores for all interim assessments. * This includes DRA2 and DIBELS 6th, which may be used through July 2016.

The department shared these recommendations with the State Board of Education at the December 11, 2013 board meeting as an information item.  Publishers of assessments that were not recommended by the review committee were able to submit an appeal to the department.  The department reviewed all appeals prior to bringing its recommendations for board action on the February 12, 2014 meeting. With the adoption of an approved interim assessment list, districts will have until July 1, 2016 (as allowed in statute, C.R.S. 22-7-1209) to transition to the approved interim assessments.

In August 2014, CDE received a communication from Pearson, the publisher of the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2) regarding its decision to not resubmit DRA2 for consideration for the State Board of Education approved  list of recommended interim assessments.  Please view this communication here

Diagnostic and Summative Assessments

On March 12, 2013, the State Board voted to approve lists of approved diagnostic and summative assessments per requirements of the Colorado READ Act. Diagnostic assessments are required only for students identified with a significant reading deficiency for the purpose of identifying the child's specific reading deficits(s). Summative assessments are not required. The charts below include a list of approved diagnostic and summative assessments and information related to the components of reading that each diagnostic assessment tests.

Approved K-3 Diagnostic Assessments


Oral Language

Phonemic Awareness





Curriculum Associates
  x x   x x
PALS Marketplace
Phonological Awareness
Literacy Screening (PALS)
  x x x   x
Phonological Awareness
Literacy Screening
Español (PALS Español)
  x x x   x
Renaissance STAR
Early Literacy
x x x x x x
Northwest Evaluation
Association (NWEA)
Children's Progress
Academic Assessment (CPAA)
  x x     x
Pearson Peabody
Picture Vocabulary Test
x       x  
Test de Covabulario
en Imagenes Peabody
x       x  
Pearson Woodcock
Reading Mastery Test,
3rd edition (VRMT-III)
    x     x
Cambium Education, Inc.
d/b/a Sopris Learning
(Phonemic Awareness)
WRD (Word Reading Decoding)
  x x      
Burst Reading
Assessments: Vocabulary,
Advanced Phonics/Decoding,
and Comprehension
x x x x x x
Woodcock-Munoz LS (English and Spanish) x x x   x x


Approved K-2 Summative Assessments

  • Curriculum Associates i-Ready
  • Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP for Primary Grades (MPG)
  • Terra Nova

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