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Approved Interventions Programs

Intervention Instruction is provided only to students who are lagging behind their classmates in the development of critical reading skills. This instruction will usually be guided by a specific intervention program that focuses on one or more of the key areas of reading development. This type of instruction is needed by only a relatively small minority of students in a class. In some cases, students in 2nd and 3rd grade may have lagged so far behind grade level development of reading skills that very little content from the grade level comprehensive core program is suitable for them. In these cases, students may need to receive instruction guided by a comprehensive intervention program that is specifically designed to meet their specific needs while at the same time accelerating their growth toward grade level reading ability.

95% Group

BURST Reading

Barton Reading and Spelling System

Benchmark Education Company
Anchor Comprehension Workshop

CR Success Learning (formally know as F.A.S.T Literacy Program)

Compass Learning

Curriculum Associates
i-Ready Instruction

Center for the Collaborative Classroom

HillSprings Learning Center

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learing
Technologies Earobics

Imagine Learning, Inc

Istation Reading

Language Dynamics Group

Learning by Design
SPELL-Links to Reading and Writing Word Study Curriculum

Lexia Learning Systems, Inc.
Lexia Reading Core5

 Lindamood-Bell Learning
Processes Seeing Stars

Lindamood-Bell Learning
Visualizing and Verbalizing

Lindamood-Bell Learning

Lindamood-Bell Learning
Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LIPS)

McGraw Hill Education
SRA Early Interventions in Reading

McGraw-Hill Education
SRA Language for Learning

McGraw-Hill Education
SRA Imagine It!

McGraw-Hill Education
SRA Reading Mastery

McGraw-Hill Education
Language for All

McGraw-Hill Education
Corrective Reading

McGraw-Hill Education
Wonder Works

Mile High United Way
Colorado Reading Corps

MindPlay, Division of Methods & Solutions, Inc
MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach

Orton-Gillingham International (OGI/Yoshimoto Reading Instruction)

Pearson Education, Inc.
My Sidewalks on Scott Foresman Reading Street

Read Naturally, Inc
Read Live Web-based Intervention and Read Naturally Encore

Reading Partners of Colorado

Really Great Reading
Phonics Boost

Really Great Reading
Blast Foundations

Scholastic Inc.
System 44 Next Generation

Scholastic Inc.

Spalding Education International
The Spalding Method


Take Flight
A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

Voyager Sopris Learning, Inc
Reading through Automaticity, Vocabulary, Engagement, and Orthography (RAVE-O)

Voyager Sopris Learning, Inc
Read Well

Voyager Sopris Learning, Inc
Sound Partners

Voyager Sopris Learning, Inc
Voyager Passport

Waterford Institute, a Nonprofit Research Center
Waterford Early Reading Individualized/Group Learning Software

Wilson Language Training Corporation

Wilson Reading System (WRS)


Valley Speech Language and Learning Center

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