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Initial SSP: School Social Work Checklist Addendum

Applicants who meet all other requirements for a Colorado Special Services Provider license with a School Social Worker endorsement except for the coursework in school and special education law, functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plans may fulfill the requirements for licensure in the follow ways:

Complete this coursework: Please contact Sarah Rudisill at View the Social Work Practice in Schools coursework (SOWK 560)

  1. Upon completion of this coursework, obtain an official memo from the program director at the college/university and a copy of an official transcript that reflects the completed coursework.

  2. Request that your original social work program complete the approved program verification form. (They will indicate “no” for question #4 and/or #7.)

  3. Complete and submit an application for an initial special services provider license.

  4. Upload the approved program verification form and the official memo together. This combination will sufficiently verify that you have met the program requirements.

  5. Upload copies of your official bachelor’s and master’s degree transcripts along with the official transcript  reflecting the coursework just completed. This combination will sufficiently verify that you have met the coursework requirements.

If you have a job lined up or are presently employed in a Colorado public school district or charter school as a school social worker yet still need to meet these coursework requirements as outline above, or if you need to take and pass a Colorado State Board of Education-approved school social worker exam (either PLACE 47 or the ASWB clinical or advanced generalist), you will need to complete and submit a TEE (temporary educator eligibility) authorization application. Upon approval, this authorization will allow you to serve as a school social worker while you pursue the coursework or pass the content exam. Your employing school district and the college/university through which you are completing the coursework will need to sign the TEE authorization form, which you will include in the application along with copies of your bachelor’s and master’s degree transcripts. (If you need only the content exam, you may leave section B of the form blank and upload a copy of your exam registration instead.)



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