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Obtaining an Alternative Principal Authorization

Welcome! If you’re reading this, then you are likely a district or individual interested in developing a plan to support the authorization of alternative principals. 

On this page, you'll find a brief overview of the alternative principal authorization requirements for candidates and districts and a summary of the pathway required to obtain an authorization.

Alternative Principal Authorization Defined

The state authorizes school districts to design and implement individualized alternative principal plans to enable persons from outside the educational community to develop the skills and experiences necessary to successfully lead a public school and to qualify ultimately for licensure as principals (State Statute 22-60.5-305.5). The school district may work with a governmental, non-profit or for-profit entity in designing and implementing the individualized alternative principal plan. The individualized alternative principal plan shall be subject to approval by the Colorado State Board of Education.The qualifying candidate must be required to hold a principal license to fulfill the job duties. If a license is not required, the individual wishing to pursue principal preparation may do so through a traditional principal preparation program.

An alternative principal authorization may be issued to a person who does not hold or may not qualify for an initial principal license, but who holds an earned bachelor’s or higher degree from an accepted institution of higher education and who is completing an individual, district-based alternative principal plan that has been approved by the Department of Education (State Statue 22-60.5 [4.17]). The plan does not go into effect until the Colorado State Board of Education has approved it and the candidate has received a principal authorization from CDE.

A school district may employ a person who holds an alternative principal authorization to perform the duties of a principal, assistant principal or principal-like role in a school only when the person who holds the authorization is under the supervision of a Colorado professional principal license-holder. Roles other than principal or assistant principal (i.e., principal-like roles), such as dean of students, may qualify for the alternative principal authorization upon demonstration or documenting of the role’s alignment to the Principal Quality Standards.

An alternative principal authorization shall be valid for three years and may not be renewed.

Pathway to Alternative Principal Authorization

The flowchart below describes the basic steps to obtaining an alternative principal authorization in Colorado.

Flow chart of steps to obtain an alternative principal authorization