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Clarifying CLD and LDE


In 2010, Linguistically Diverse Education (and Linguistically Diverse Education – Bilingual) was replaced by Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education – Bilingual).  Because the state board needed time to promulgate new rules and requirements for issuing the endorsement and colleges and universities across the state needed time to revise coursework and curriculum, LDE (and LDEB) continued to be issued through Dec. 31, 2012. Anyone wishing to add the endorsement needed to submit an added endorsement application prior to Dec. 31, 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: There was one exception. The last cohort of students to enroll in Colorado-approved LDE programs began in fall 2012. Any candidates enrolled in this fall 2012 cohort and who completed that program were eligible to apply to add the LDE endorsement. These candidates were required to apply for the LDE endorsement by May 31, 2017, to receive it.  Any application received after May 31, 2017, will be evaluated against CLD requirements.

 Two significant differences between the endorsements:

  • LDE could be a stand-alone endorsement; CLD is an added endorsement only

  • LDE could be added to a license via passing the PLACE LDE exam; CLD can be added only by completing an approved program or by submitting 24 hours of specific coursework (there is no board-approved exam for CLD).

If the holder of a license with a standalone LDE endorsement (meaning, LDE is the only endorsement) earned the endorsement prior to Dec. 31, 2012, and submits a renewal of initial or initial-to-professional application prior to the license’s expiration, that license will be renewed with an LDE endorsement.

If the holder of an initial license with a “standalone” LDE endorsement allows the license to lapse prior to renewal, then upon application for renewal an interim authorization will be issued with elementary and LDE endorsements, and the applicant will be instructed to take a board-approved elementary education content exam. Upon passing the exam, the initial will be renewed with both endorsements. This process aligns with that established for applicants with out-of-state standalone ESL (ELL, ELA, etc.) licenses, with one exception: Renewals who submit before the license is expired will receive the LDE endorsement, as we cannot take away someone’s endorsement; out-of-state applicants will be evaluated against the requirements for the CLD endorsement, as we cannot issue an endorsement we no longer offer to first-time license-holders.

Holders of an expired professional license with LDE and another endorsement can apply to renew their license, and upon meeting the qualifications, receive the same endorsements. 






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