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Webinars, Trainings and Guidance


Policies and Procedures Guidance:

CDE Reference Guide to Creating Documented Policies and Procedures (pdf)  09/08/2022

GFMU Federal Procurement Guidance:

GFMU Federal Funds Procurement Guidelines (pdf) 08/08/2022 DUNS Number Transition:

SAM Transition (pdf)  03/25/2022

So You Just Received a Grant...Now What?:

So you got a grant- training (pdf)  11/15/2022

So you Just Received a Grant - Training video (link)

CDE Monitoring Fiscal Self-Assessment:

(google docs link)  11/15/2022

CDE Reference Guide for Federally Compliant Supporting Documentation:

(power point link)  1/09/2023

CDE GFMU Program Fiscal Close-Out Training:

(pdf link)  2/16/2023

(view video here) 2/16/2023

CDE ESSA Office Hours Hot Topics - January 2023:

(view video here)  2/10/2023

Federally Funded Leave Payout:

(pdf link)  8/02/2023

Davis Bacon Webinar 4/26/23 Questions and Answers:

(pdf link)  8/15/2023