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Public School Finance Act of 1994 - FY2018-19

FY 2018-19




Funding Calculation

  • FY 2018-2019 District Funding Calculation Worksheet

    • This calculation is based on the school finance bill (HB18-1379) as approved by the legislature during the 2018 regular session as well as projected counts and assessed valuations from the legislative council staff.
    • Please note that additional ECARE and ASCENT slots have been included in the projections.  These additional slots have been proportionally distributed for the funding projection.  Slots will be allocated by CDE’s program units.  The projected distributions do not reflect or guarantee final slot allocations and as always, will be adjusted with the December/January true-up process.
    • As approved by the Financial Policies and Procedures Advisory Committee, a section has been added to the calculation worksheet (beginning on row 300) with the estimated rescission and Total Program after application of the rescission.  This amount is currently an estimated amount based on the FY17-18 rescission.  Once the actual number is determined in July/August, it will be updated.  Since the calculation for each districts rescission amount is a percent of Total Program, this number will also adjust for each district as numbers are finalized in December/January.  Having the rescission included in the funding calculation will assist districts with budgeting and will eliminate the need to take the full amount from districts in January as it will now be part of the monthly adjusted payments.



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