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Turnaround Network

Turnaround Network School Application now available for 2015-16 school year.

Download the application materials here: 

For more information on the Turnaround Network, the resources below are from an informational webinar:

The Turnaround Network will accelerate student achievement for select schools through targeted support, resources, and flexibility. The Network will be a highly-collaborative and accountable endeavor between local schools, their districts and the Colorado Department of Education.

With the support of the Commissioner, the CDE District and School Performance Unit is launching a Turnaround Network for schools, welcoming the first cohort of 8-12 schools with the support of their districts in the summer of 2014.

Turnaround Network Fact Sheet

Schools in the network will benefit from:

    • Enhanced diagnostic review & planning support
    • A cohort of peer schools
    • Performance management
    • Personalized professional learning opportunities

    • Supplemental grant funding
    • A common framework to diagnose and evaluate progress. To view the framework, click here.

All participating Network schools will be required to engage a district "partner":

The district partner will serve as a key support and advocate for the school at the district level. They should be a senior-level district staff member who will attend all Network events with the school team. The district partner will also be responsible for ensuring the conditions for turnaround success are established at the school and supported by the district. The school team will consist of the principal and one or two teacher leaders, and will be required to attend all Network events.

Turnaround Network Information Sheet

What Commitments Will I Make?

Districts will:

  • Agree to conditions set forth within MOU
  • Dedicate a "partner" to support and supervise Network principal(s)
  • Task a "partner" with engaging in all Network activities
  • Engage in performance management process
  • Provide agreed-upon flexibilities to Network school
  • Systematize and generalize conditions for success in other non-Network schools within two years

Network School Principals will:

  • Engage in all Network activities
  • Follow and implement all agreed-upon improvement strategies
  • Engage in performance management process and will lead the use of data-driven decisions with all staff
  • Ask for support and conditions from district as needed
  • Actively supervise all school staff

CDE will:

  • Provide intensive professional development and support in areas of four conditions
  • Provide quick diagnostic review
  • Provide intensive improvement planning aligned to the conditions
  • Allocate resources and/or grants
  • Provide staff to support and partner with network schools

What Benefits Will I See?

Districts will:

  • Have access to intensive professional development in identified Network conditions
  • Learn about performance management and use of data to drive instructional improvement
  • Have access to CDE’s best thinking on turnaround strategies
  • Have access to high-quality partner organizations

Network School Principals will:

  • Have access to intensive PD in identified conditions (along with a teacher)
  • Have access to high-quality partner organizations
  • Have dedicated support by district "partner"
  • Have opportunity to visit other high-growth schools
  • Learn about performance management and use of data to drive instructional improvement

CDE will:

  • Have commitment of districts to make accelerated academic improvements in participating schools
  • Have strong relationship to district "partner" and school principal
  • Create proof points in school improvement to share with other schools

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