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School Quality and Supports Assigned Contact List


Support Leads

Districts are assigned a support lead to act as a single point of contact and broker to other services. The support lead is available to assist with questions on identified schools (e.g., On Clock, Comprehensive Support), the EASI application, and to connect districts with other resources to support the district with improvement efforts, as appropriate. Support lead assignments are shared with districts in September. When a district or school has been identified for three or more years, the support lead transitions to a Transformation Support Manager, which includes more intensive engagement from the department with more opportunities for schools and districts to receive supports in their transformation efforts.

Field Services

The Field Services and Supports Unit provides universal support for all 178 Colorado school districts to build leadership capacity in order to ensure that all students and families have access to high-quality schools. Our team of experienced educators provides general performance support and brokers intensive and targeted services to support schools and districts in providing a high-quality education that meets all students’ needs.

The Field Services team meets regularly with district and BOCES leadership regarding educator effectiveness and talent, student learning learning, assessments, accountability, performance and support, special education, school finance, postsecondary readiness and rural education. Field Services also emphasizes targeted support for the 147 rural school districts across the state. Our District Improvement Strategy Office is dedicated to strategically connecting school and district leaders to relevant, high-quality, universal professional learning and CDE support. 

ESEA Regional Contacts

FPSU administers Federally-funded programs that support historically underserved students and establishes standards, indicators, and protocols for assessing local programs and systems. Our goal is to strengthen the field's capacity to implement higher quality programs and systems supported and funded by ESEA/ESSA and ESSER. FPSU strives to ensure that grant applications, application and program review protocols, and approval criteria reflect quality program standards, maximize efficiency, and improve program design and implementation in ways that optimize student outcomes. Monitoring, evaluation, and reporting ensure Federal programs and funds are leveraged effectively to design and implement local programs in support of historically underserved students using evidence-based strategies and promising practices including those of Colorado's High Achieving Schools (HAS).

Unified Improvement Planning Contact

Unified Improvement Planning was introduced in 2009 to streamline improvement planning components of state and federal accountability requirements. Colorado schools and districts can improve student learning and system effectiveness by engaging in a cycle of continuous improvement to manage their performance. To support this purpose, the Education Accountability Act of 2009 requires each Colorado district and school to create an annual improvement plan. The intent is that schools and districts create a single plan that has true meaning for stakeholders, ultimately reducing the total number of separate plans required. With that in mind, the Colorado Department of Education has developed a unified improvement planning template and processes to support schools and districts in their performance management efforts. The UIP template has been designed to meet state, federal, and program accountability requirements.