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Accountability, Performance and Support


Colorado's system of school and district accountability is primarily designed to provide valid and actionable information regarding the progress of all students toward meeting the state academic standards and prioritize support for schools and districts identified for academic improvements. CDE's School Quality and Support Division (formerly Accountability, Performance, and Support) is comprised of the offices of Accountability & Data Analysis, Unified Improvement Planning, School and District Support and Schools of Choice. Together, these offices support Colorado's schools and school districts throughout the cycle of continuous improvement.


 Framework Results

Link to flat files of district and school final 2023 framework results


Accountability Resources       Unified Improvement Planning Resources           

Upcoming Training & Technical Assistance Opportunities

Link to resources, webinars and training regarding state accountability


Evaluation of Colorado's K-12 Education Accountability System

Link to information on the evaluation and associated Accountability Task Force



Helpful Links

  • For more information on EVALUATE (school and district ratings), see State Accountability webpage.
  • For more information on ASSESS NEEDS AND PLAN (school and district improvement plans), see Unified Improvement Plan webpage.
  • For more information on IMPLEMENT (available supports for schools and districts), see District and School Support webpage.
  • For more information on INTERVENE (Accountability Clock or Performance Watch), see Accountability Clock webpage.







Accountability and Continuous Improvement Theory of Action

2019-04-22 Continuous Improvement Flow Chart


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