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School Improvement

Diagnostic Review and Planning Grant

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that states allocate resources for intensive and sustained support to schools designated as in need of improvement. This grant is made available to Title I Focus Schools and Title I Schools with a Turnaround or Priority Improvement plan type in order to provide resources and support a focused approach to improvement through a Diagnostic Review and/or Action Planning Support. Schools may apply for up to $50,000. 

Request for Proposals: Diagnostic Review 2014-2015

View additional diagnostic review and planning grant program information.

School Improvement Support (SIS) Implementation Grant 2014-15

Applications are now being accepting for the School Improvement Support (SIS) Grant. This grant is made available to Title IA Focus Schools and Title I schools with a Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan type in order to address the needs identified by a diagnostic review and support a focused approach to improvement. A diagnostic review within the last two years is a prerequisite to apply. We seek applicants who demonstrate implementation efforts and strategies which: 1. Reflect prioritized and identified areas from the diagnostic review process which will dramatically improve student achievement and 2. Select improvement strategies aimed at reducing systemic barriers to student achievement and which can support improvement across the entire district. Districts may apply for up to $50,000 on behalf of a school for a plan that focuses on one or two of the Standards for Continuous Improvement and addresses the needs identified in the diagnostic review.

Request for Proposals: School Improvement Support 2014-2015

A webinar will be held on Monday, February 9, 2015, from 1 - 2 pm, to outline the requirements of the grant. Participation in the webinar is strongly encouraged. To register, please email with subject line “SIS Webinar”.

Title IA Focus Schools

For the ESEA waiver granted by the United States Department of Education, CDE is required to identify 10% of Colorado’s Title I schools as "focus" schools to help ensure that low performance for student groups are addressed. Specifically, a Title I Focus school is a school with a:

(1) low graduation rate (regardless of plan type), and/or
(2) Turnaround or Priority Improvement plan type with either (or both)

(a) low-achieving disaggregated student groups (i.e., minority, ELL, IEP and FRL) or
(b) low disaggregated graduation rate.

A Title I Focus schools must address the reasons behind the designation in its school level UIP. The school’s UIP must address the low achievement of the disaggregated groups in the data narrative. The action planning section must include action steps indicating how the low achievement will be addressed.

Title IA Priority Schools

For the ESEA waiver granted by the United States Department of Education, CDE is required to identify the lowest performing 5% of Colorado’s Title I schools as "priority" schools. Colorado identifies priority schools as the Tier I or Tier II schools under the SIG program that are using SIG funds to implement a school intervention model.

Tiered Intervention Grant

The Tiered Intervention Grant is designed to support districts with chronically low performing schools in the lowest 5 percent of achievement (Title I Priority Schools) as indicated by state assessments.

The intent of the grant is to provide funding for Title I Priority Schools to:

  1. partner with CDE in the implementation of one of the four intervention models provided in the draft guidance for the use of federal Title I 1003(g) funds;
  2. increase the academic achievement of all students attending chronically low performing schools as measured by the state’s assessment system; and
  3. utilize the support and services from state-approved turnaround providers in their efforts to accomplish the above.

Tiered Intervention Grant, 2014 - Cohort V

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