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Diagnostic Review and Planning Grant

Grant Opportunity: Diagnostic Review and Planning Grant 


The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that states allocate resources for intensive and sustained support to schools designated as in need of improvement. This grant is made available to Title I Schools with Priority Improvement or Turnaround (PITA) Plan Types in order to provide resources and support a focused approach to improvement through a Diagnostic Review and/or improvement planning Support.  Schools may apply for up to $50,000 for a diagnostic review and improvement planning support, or up to $30,000 for improvement planning only. A diagnostic review and action planning support within the last two years will be a prerequisite for applying for a School Improvement Support (SIS) Implementation Grant in 2014. Awarded funds must be used for activities related to:

Diagnostic Review by an External Provider: CDE will collaborate with districts to select a provider that has established that it has the capacity to provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive, evidence based  review of how the school is functioning in the areas of:
    • Standard 1: Standards and Instructional Planning
    • Standard 2: Best First Instruction
    • Standard 3: Assessment of & for Learning
    • Standard 4: Tiered Support
    • Standard 5: Leadership
    • Standard 6: Culture and Climate
    • Standard 7: Educator Effectiveness
    • Standard 8: Continuous Improvement

  • Detailed report including:
    • Executive summary
    • Detailed report of observations with supporting evidence
    • Recommended goals or action steps
  • Staff debrief including:
    • Key findings from the review
    • High level observations
    • Opportunities for improvement


Improvement Planning Support through the Unified Improvement Planning (UIP) process, which may include costs associated with:

  • Support for data gathering and organizing (pre-planning for data analysis)
  • Review of student performance data;
  • Identification of trends and performance challenges;
  • Prioritization of performance challenges;
  • Root cause analysis;
  • Target setting;
  • Action planning; and
  • Costs associated with involving relevant stakeholders (e.g., staff, parents) in data analysis and action planning.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligible schools include: All Title I Schools with (preliminary) Priority Improvement or Turnaround (PITA) Plan Types.

Prioritized in the following order:

  • Title I Focus Schools not awarded FY14 1003a funds
  • Title I Schools with Turnaround plan types
  • Title I schools with Priority Improvement plan types 


In addition, the following criteria will be taken into account for prioritization when making award decisions for Title I schools with a Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan type:

  • Schools furthest along on the clock
  • Overall declining points on the School Performance Framework
  • Any remaining schools


See the Eligibility List. Schools receiving Tiered Intervention Grant funding are not eligible for this opportunity.


If you have any questions regarding this program or would like technical assistance, please contact Brad Bylsma at:   

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