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2019 SLDS Grant

In February 2020, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) was awarded a federal grant of $2.3 million to improve Colorado's Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS).  CDE applied for and received supplementation funding in the amount of $360,000 in September 2020.  The additional opportunity was offered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on state education operations.  Outcomes from these funds must be tied to COVID-19.

Focus Areas for Grant

Infrastructure Modernization

  • A new data presentation layer will be developed to help reporting tools communicate with the data warehouse.  This upgrade is also necessary for CDE’s New SchoolView project. 

  • CDE will convert to a standardized database model and toolset (CEDS, or Common Education Data Standards) for reporting standardization and interoperability across states.

  • This funding allows CDE to automate and standardize more common and less expensive tools, to save money and increase the pool of available technical staff for hiring.

  • Supplemental funding adds support for managing remote meeting tools due to workplace changes brought on by the pandemic.

Data Privacy & Data Governance

  • Funding allows CDE to build on Colorado’s recognized leadership in data privacy processes and methods.

  • Utilize already established data sharing agreement formats and data request processes applied to the grant’s new use cases.

  • CDE’s information security success and cyber training will be continued and enhanced.

  • CDE has very strong K12 Data Governance (Data Management Committee, Education Data Advisory Committee, active participant in Governors’ Data Advisory Board).  The grant offers a way to expand those methods and structures to go past the existing structures and bring in external post-academic career partners that house relevant data, e.g., workforce certifications, jobs data, salary information, drivers' license data and others.

  • Include all divisions within CDE which do not normally participate in the established data governance structures to ensure all voices are at the governance table.