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Setting the Standard - Intro to Transformational Emotional Intelligence (TEI) for Teachers

Audience: Educators | Topic: Standards | Hosted by: Office of Standards and Instructional Support

On-Demand format. Setting the Standard - Intro to Transformational Emotional Intelligence (TEI) for Teachers
On-Demand format

In this new environment of remote and distance learning, an increased amount of pressure has been placed on teachers (new teachers especially) to ensure that students are safe, equitably educated, and loved. It has also resulted in teachers experiencing heightened levels of stress far beyond recent years.

In this highly interactive and engaging session, Dorina will teach educators in all roles about Transformational Emotional Intelligence (TEI). She will illustrate how, with personal and professional reflective practice, any educator can learn to appropriately respond to the current world around them, while effectively educating ALL children with equity and empathy.

Specific topics covered will include:

  • How emotional intelligence impacts teachers, teaching and school culture.
  • The importance of teachers’ awareness of their own emotional intelligence and why it is vital to succeed in today’s e-educational environment.
  • How emotional intelligence transforms teacher practice and everyday happiness (so they’ll return the following year!).

Guest Presenter: Dorina Sackman-Ebuwa is the 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year, National Teacher of the Year finalist, and a nationally recognized ELL teacher for over 23 years. An expert on transformational emotional intelligence, her unique presentation and teaching style is often described as a “Tasmanian devil on a double espresso!” She has spent the past 23 years empowering students of diverse backgrounds at the K-12, college and adult learner levels.


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