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Dr. Judy Willis & Jay McTighe on "Understanding by Design Meets Neuroscience"

Audience: Educators | Topic: School Health, Social Emotional Learning, Standards | Hosted by: Office of Standards and Instructional Support

On-Demand format. Dr. Judy Willis & Jay McTighe on "Understanding by Design Meets Neuroscience"
On-Demand format

Based on their wildly popular book Understanding by Design Meets Neuroscience, best-selling authors Jay McTighe and Dr. Judy Willis will examine the intersection of the neuroscience of learning with the widely used Understanding by Design® curriculum framework. Participants will gain new insights about the application of neuroscience research to instructional planning, assessment, and application, as well as correlations of neuroscience research regarding emotions, stress and increasing learning and memory. You’ll finish this session with a deepened understanding of how to design instruction that promotes enduring understanding, increased brain effort, and transferrable long-term memory.

  • Understand what the brain needs to maximize learning that lasts.
  • Gain actionable ideas for hooking and holding students’ attention.
  • Implement instructional strategies that engage the “executive functions” of learners’ brains in active meaning-making.

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