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Successor School Guidance Stakeholder Feedback

Successor School Guidance Feedback

During the 2019 legislative session, Senate Bill 19-129 (Regulation of Online Schools), was passed and calls for CDE to develop criteria to determine whether a newly authorized multi-district online school is a new multi-district online school or a successor to a previously authorized multi-district online school.  Following passage of SB19-129,  the definition of a successor school was added to 1 CCR 301-71 (Rules for the Administration, Certification and Oversight of Colorado Online Programs). Within these rules, a successor school is defined as an online school that is a replication, addition, division, or reorganization of an existing or previously authorized online school as determined by the criteria adopted by the Department.  

Feedback was requested from stakeholders. To view the feedback that was received, please click on the links below.

To view the finalized Successor School feedback, please visit the Successor School Guidance webpage