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Local Accountability System Grant

Local Accountability System Grant Details

In 2019 the State Legislature passed SB 19-204, to provide grant money to local education providers that adopt local accountability systems to supplement the state accountability system.

Local education providers may establish and seek funding through the grant program to support a local accountability system that supplements the state accountability system.

In determining student success, a local accountability system may supplement the statewide performance indicators by using additional measures of the statewide performance indicators and by using additional indicators of student success. Additional indicators may include non-academic student outcomes, which may reflect changes in student engagement, attitudes, and mindsets. A local accountability system is supplemental to the state accountability system and may be designed to:

  1. Fairly and accurately evaluate student success using multiple measures to develop a more comprehensive understanding of each student's success, including additional performance indicators or measures, which may include non-academic student outcomes such as student engagement, attitudes, and dispositions toward learning;
  2. Evaluate the capacity of the public school systems operated by the local education provider to support student success; and
  3. Use the results obtained from measuring student success and system support for student success as part of a cycle of continuous improvement.

This program is also intended to enable the state to learn from innovation in the field. The department is expected to evaluate the awards, as well as convene applicants annually to facilitate and support learning.

Program Contact

Lisa Steffen
Phone: 303-866-6676