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PDIS Key Messages

The Professional Development Information System (PDIS) is a web-based system supporting professional development for Colorado’s early childhood workforce. 

PDIS Key Messages

Strengthening and supporting early childhood professionals is critical to young children’s success.
After families, our youngest children spend the most time with early childhood professionals.  Research shows that the interactions that adults provide are what best supports school readiness.

The PDIS allows professionals the ability to take charge of their professional development.
Professionals will be able to access a Competencies Self-Assessment, a Professional Development Plan, scholarship opportunities, a Professional Credential and online training—all in one place.  Information will be stored online and individuals can access their information at any time.

QRIS and PDIS are connected. 
QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System) is about building high quality programs; PDIS is about creating strong professionals.  The two systems are connected but a professional whose program decides not to progress in the QRIS can still use PDIS.  Professional Credentials, a major component of the new QRIS, are issued through the PDIS.

Colorado’s Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators* are the foundation of the PDIS. 
The Competencies identify what professionals providing early care and education experiences need to know and be able to do in order to facilitate child growth and development.  Through the Competencies Self-Assessment, an individual creates a competency profile.  Each professional development offering will also have a competency profile. With this information, the PDIS “matches” individuals to professional development according to the individual’s goals, role and geographic location.

The PDIS is designed to support a variety of early childhood professionals at all levels of experience and education.
Whether you are new to the profession or are a seasoned professional, whether you provide direct or indirect service to children and families, the PDIS has something for you.

*The Competencies were approved by the Early Childhood Leadership Commission in May of 2013.


Visit the PDIS website here.