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Educator Preparation Program

Relay Graduate School of Education

Alternative Teacher Licensing Program

Relay offers one-year (four-term) alternative teacher licensure program that prepare novice teachers, career changers, and others in need of teaching certification to enter the classroom with confidence. You’ll develop the skills needed to help children grow and earn your Colorado teaching credential.‍

This practical program is grounded in the theories and mindsets of successful teachers. Starting in the summer, you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating a positive classroom culture and receive coaching from faculty who are experienced PK-12 teachers. Throughout the program, you’ll build your skills and receive support preparing for certification exams. You’ll complete the program prepared to pass certification/licensure exams and continue your professional development as a teacher.

Pathway Type:

Alternative Teacher Licensure

Course Format:



9-12 months

Region(s) Served:

Metro, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Pikes Peak, Southeast, Southwest, Statewide, West Central

Contact Information:

4130 Navajo Street, Room 223, Denver, CO 80211

  Contact: Arik Shur, Managing Director of Partnerships,


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: Relay Graduate School of Education

Endorsement Area(s):

  • Early Childhood Education (ages 0-8) with CLD Endorsement
  • English Language Arts (7-12) with CLD Endorsement
  • Mathematics (7-12) with CLD Endorsement
  • Middle School Mathematics (6-8) with CLD Endorsement
  • Science (7-12) with CLD Endorsement
  • Social Studies (7-12) with CLD Endorsement

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