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Educator Preparation Program

Pikes Peak BOCES

UCCS - PPBOCES Two Year Alternative Licensure Program

Semester I You will attend 10 seminars. These seminars lay the foundation for the future semesters. You will learn about setting up a successful classroom, behavior management, developing and executing lesson plans based upon Colorado Academic Standards, working with your school mentor, special education, and developing a strong literacy foundation with strategies to support content area reading and thinking. Semester II This semester consists of 7-8 seminars and begins in January. The major project for General Education teachers is a case study involving progress monitoring and data collection. This project calls for the teacher to collect background information regarding the student, including test scores, interviews with previous teachers and diagnostic testing. Semester III The semester begins in May and ends during the second week of June. A reflective approach regarding the first year of teaching will be the underlying premise of this summer course. Seminar topics include advanced subjects in education theory and practice Semester IV This semester consists of eight classes, which focus on the study of classroom strategies as they relate to the cognitive, social, and emotional make-up of the student. The major project for this semester is a teacher work sample, which is an action-research product demonstrating the teacher’s ability to plan, deliver, and assess a standards based instructional sequence, document student performance, and reflect upon the effects of instruction as related to student learning.

Pathway Type:

Alternative Teacher Licensure

Course Format:

In Person


13-24 months

Region(s) Served:

Pikes Peak

Contact Information:

2883 S. Circle Dr., CO Springs, CO 80906

Contact: Lou Valdez, Director, Voice: 719-622-2094, Fax:719-380-6250,

Contact: Samantha Griffin, Program Coordinator, Voice: 719-622-2081,


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: Pikes Peak BOCES

Endorsement Area(s):

  • Business/Marketing (7-12)
  • Computer Science (K-12)
  • Dance (K-12)
  • Drama Theater Arts (K-12)
  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • English Language Arts (7-12)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (7-12)
  • Health (K-12)
  • Mathematics (7-12)
  • Middle School Mathematics (6-8)
  • Music (K-12)
  • Physical Education (K-12)
  • Science (7-12)
  • Social Studies (7-12)
  • Special Education Generalist (ages 5-21)
  • Technology Education (7-12)
  • Visual Arts (K-12)
  • World Languages (K-12)

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