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Colorado Educator Shortage Survey Results Dashboard

Survey Results

Use the interactive dashboard below to view state- and district-level data displayed visually. Hover over the map to view data for each district. Use the drop-down menu to filter the data by academic year and endorsement area. Select non-rural, rural, small rural, BOCES or other to highlight the data for the selected rural designation. Please note that selecting BOCES or other will only highlight the corresponding data in the bar graph because geographical displays are not available in the map for these LEAs.

In 2022-23, statewide there were 13,875 FTE teacher, SSP, principal/assistant principal and paraprofessional positions that needed to be filled. Most of them were filled through normal hiring processes. This dashboard details the remaining 3,294 FTE positions that were not filled through normal processes and for which districts needed to rely on shortage mechanisms to attempt to fill.