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Colorado Educator Preparation Advisory Committee (CEPAC)


As part of Senate Bill 23-258, the Colorado Department of Education has convened an eight-person committee, the Colorado Educator Preparation Advisory Committee (CEPAC), with representation from a variety of partner groups to provide input on relevant topics related to educator preparation and educator quality, such as:
  • authorization and reauthorization processes;

  • new or revised educator preparation standards;

  • strategies to better intersect and support Colorado schools; and 

  • ways to increase the educator talent pipeline that meets Colorado's hiring needs, especially among underrepresented communities. 



CEPAC consists of eight members, appointed by the Commissioner of Education in consultation with the Executive Director of Higher Education, and include representatives from the following groups:
  • An urban school district;

  • A rural school district;

  • A traditional educator preparation program;

  • An alternative educator preparation program;

  • A recent graduate from a Colorado educator preparation program that is currently teaching in a Colorado school;

  •  The Colorado Department of Education;

  • The Department of Higher Education; and

  • The State Charter School Institute

Mary Bivens
Executive Director - Educator Workforce Development
Colorado Department of Education
Kim Caplan
Director of School Programs
Colorado Charter School Institute
Nikki Jost
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mesa County Valley School District
Marvin Lynn - CEPAC Chairperson
Dean and Professor
University of Colorado Denver

Rachele McCawley Robertson
Senior Director of Residency Operations and Implementation
Public Education and Business Coalition
Elizabeth Parra
Culturally Linguistically Diverse Education Teacher
Recent Graduate of Colorado Mountain College
Chris Rasmussen
Senior Director of Academic Pathways and Innovation
Colorado Department of Higher Education
Celine Wicks
Steamboat Springs School District



The first CEPAC meeting took place in November 2023. Current CEPAC members will inform the scheduling of future meetings to maximize opportunities for full group participation while addressing barriers to participation as much as possible. The initial meetings will support developing the group norms, purpose, function, and background knowledge during the winter and early spring of 2023-2024 school year.