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DonorsChoose + GEER + ESSER Communication Toolkit

DonorsChoose + CDE. Fund a classroom project.


Update as of Sept. 25, 2023: The second round of funding has been spent. Stay tuned to social media, and CDE newsletters for updates on future funding opportunities. 

About DonorsChoose

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis' Office and the Colorado Department of Education are collaborating with DonorsChoose to provide additional funding to continue to support Colorado teachers and their incredible work responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on student learning. For the second time in a month, Colorado teachers will be able to apply to receive up to $800 in classroom supplies while the $7.1 million in funds last. 

Who is DonorsChoose? DonorsChoose is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit connecting teachers to resources across the country. Since DonorsChoose was founded in 2000, more than 10,000 Colorado teachers representing school districts across the state have received over $16 million for projects that help them go above and beyond in the classroom. Seven school districts in Colorado, including Denver Public Schools, are currently part of the DonorsChoose District Partnership Program.

To help districts, schools and teachers communicate and take advantage of this funding opportunity, we've created the resources below to spread the word.

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Create a campaign on DonorsChoose

Submit a project on DonorsChoose using the campaign code COLORADO, and keep your total project goal under $1,000, that’s about $800 in materials after processing fees. Since funding is limited, submit as soon as possible for the best chance to get your project approved. If you do not see funding from CDE applied to your project, review the DonorsChoose Help Center. If you need additional assistance, submit a customer service ticket to DonorsChoose via the customer contact form.

DonorsChoose Social Media Campaign

To help get the word out about this funding opportunity for teachers, use and customize the resources below. All materials may be tailored to meet your local needs.

Use the campaign hashtag #DonorsChooseCO and tag @codepted to join the celebration on social media! 

DonorsChoose Social Media Graphics

Download and post these images with the sample social media messaging below. To download, click the link then right click the image and "Save As" to your desktop.

Sample Social Media Messages

Sample social media messages have been created to help schools, districts and teachers share information about DonorsChoose. Just copy and paste the text below. Please note that these are just suggested social media posts to make it easy for you, but you can also modify and/or use additional posts.

Sample messages:

  • Calling all Colorado public school educators! Use @DonorsChoose to request up to $1,000 in resources from @codepted to help students recover from the impact of COVID-19. Sign up with DonorsChoose now while funding lasts! #edcolo #DonorsChooseCO #DonorsChooseCO (
  • Attention teachers: Don't wait to sign up for the @codepted & @DonorsChoose funding campaign! CDE is distributing up to $1k for classroom supplies to help students recover from the impact of COVID-19, while funding lasts. #edcolo #DonorsChooseCO (
  • @DonorsChoose & @codepted have joined up to distribute up to $1,000 in FREE classroom supplies to teachers! Learn more ( #edcolo #DonorsChooseCO

  • Attention teachers! More funding is available thanks to @govofco!! Submit your project to @donorschoose ASAP to get supplies for your classroom! #edcolo #DonorsChooseCO More info on the DonorsChoose website: (
  • If you missed out on the first round of funding, now is your chance to get supplies for your classroom! Submit a new @donorschoose project today! #edcolo #DonorsChooseCO (
  • Calling all Colorado public school educators! Submit a @donorschoose project for the second round of COVID-19 relief funding today! #edcolo #DonorsChooseCO (

Connect with CDE and DonorsChoose on social media:

Resources for Schools Districts

Sample email from district or school leaders to teachers:

Dear Teachers:

Given the popular demand of the first round of grants, Gov. Jared Polis announced today he is dedicating an additional $6.7 million in federal Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funding to support the needs of hardworking Colorado teachers. The Colorado Department of Education is also putting in an additional $422,000 in COVID-19 relief funding to the initiative for a total of $7.1 million for the second round. 

Teachers are advised to act quickly. The first round of $11 million lasted about a week. This round is likely to go much quicker.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Create a project on DonorsChoose using the campaign code COLORADO. Make sure to keep your total project goal under $1,000.
  • In your project, describe how the supplies will help your students excel after the impact of COVID-19 on learning over the past three years. Things like professional development projects, gift cards or field trips won’t qualify.
  • Once your project is approved, funding from CDE, up to $1,000, will appear on your project while funds last. Since funding is limited, submit ASAP for your best chance to get your project approved.
  • This funding is available until the $7.1 million in GEER and ESSER money is spent.

If your project is approved, you’ll see the funding from CDE on your project page as soon as it’s approved and an email confirmation will be sent. Once you receive the email, confirm the project with a district email address as soon as possible. Funding is expected to run out quickly, so don't wait to confirm your project. Application deadline is the end of the day on Thursday, Sept. 28. 

If you’d like more information, visit the DonorsChoose Help Center.

Funding for the second round of this project includes $6.3 million from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Funds, ALN 84.425C & R, through the Colorado Governor's Office and $400,000 from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, ALN 84.425D, through the Colorado Department of Education.