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2010-2011 Pupil Membership

The October 2010 Colorado public school membership 843,316 increased by 10,948 students from the October 2009 count of 832,368 students. This was an increase of 1.32 percent.

NOTE: The race and ethnicity of students and staff in Colorado public schools was collected in a new way beginning in the 2010-11 school year. Under the new method there are 64 possible racial/ethnic code combinations. To simplify reporting at federal and state levels, seven categories will be used. All persons identifying with Hispanic ethnicity, regardless of race, will be reported as ‘Hispanic.’ All non-Hispanic persons who mark more than one race will be reported as ‘Two or More Races.’ All other non-Hispanic persons will be reported as the single race identified.

Starting from school year 2008-2009, students formerly coded as Attendance/Residence code 22, ‘Licensed Eligible Facility or State-Operated Program Attending On-Grounds School’ or code 23, ‘Licensed Eligible Facility, Attending Public school’ no longer be reported in the Student October data collection. Thus, approved facility students will be removed from Student October data collection and will be reported to CDE Facility Unit.

2/4/2004 Detention Center students were removed from the district count and pulled into a separate category. Although detention center students receive educational services from school district employees, school districts have no jurisdiction over any other detention center function.

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As specified in 22-33-104.5 C.R.S. (formerly "Home Study")