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Professional Learning

Assessment and Data Use

Using assessment data to inform instruction is the cornerstone of Results Matter. These resources will help early childhood professionals provide intentional, consistent, high-quality early learning experiences for every child.

Observation: The Heart of Authentic Assessment

The use of ongoing observation as part of an authentic assessment and child-centered planning system is an essential component of Results Matter. These materials are designed for paraprofessional and entry level early childhood providers who have not yet taken a formal course in observation or assessment, or as a refresher for more experienced educators. Training resources included are a comprehensive trainer’s guide, handouts, PowerPoint slides, video clips, and an evaluation form to be used by leaders to host their own professional development.

Observation: The Heart of Authentic Assessment Module

Administrative Data Use Self-Assessment

The Early Childhood Data Use Self-Assessment Tool was designed in collaboration with the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central at Marzano Research to support early childhood program staff interested in building their capacity to use data to inform, plan, monitor, and make decisions for program improvement. The tool is a checklist organized around three key elements: Planning for Data Use, Using and Communicating Data, and Self-Reflection and Monitoring. Two versions are available, a checklist only version and a full tool with linked resources.

Administrative Data Use Self-Assessment Tools

GOLD® Self-Reflection and Implementation Tools

Know exactly what it takes to be a successful user of GOLD® in Colorado. Use our Self-Reflection Tool for Early Childhood Teachers and Self-Reflection Tool for Administrators on the effective use of GOLD® for Results Matter to assist with professional development and implementation planning. These tools identify discrete performance expectations for beginners as well as veterans.

GOLD® Self-Reflection and Implementation Tools

PDIS Courses

Colorado’s Professional Development Information System (PDIS) offers a wide range of online professional development opportunities to any user. The two listed above are especially relevant to Results Matter assessment. The Introduction to Child Assessment course is a condensed version of the Observation module listed above. How to Use Child Assessment Data to Achieve Positive Outcomes, is available in different versions for teachers and administrators, covers foundational principles of data use; strategies for using child assessment data at the educator level such as planning, communication, self-monitoring, and self-reflection; and strategies for using child assessment data at the administrator level such as data analysis, reporting, program improvement, and support and monitoring. See the brochure for more information.

Results Matter and Preschool Special Education

The goal of  early childhood special education is to enable young children with disabilities to be active and successful participants during their early childhood years and in the future. States collect, analyze, and use data on three child outcomes to measure individual child progress toward improved results and to improve their systems and services.

Child and Family Outcomes

The Child and Family Outcomes webpage provides resources to understand the preschool outcomes and their importance in early learning as identified by the Office of Special Education Programs at the U.S. Department of Education.

Preschool Outcomes: A Data Dialogue on OSEP Indicator 7 Reporting

This module is for special education administrators and early childhood personnel who are involved with OSEP Preschool Outcomes reporting. It is designed to promote understanding of the three functional child outcomes and how they fit into the Exceptional Student Services Unit's Results Driven Accountability system. Rating levels, progress categories, and data quality are also discussed.

Link to Preschool Outcomes Module