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Team Roles and Responsibilities

Team Roles and Responsibilities

This lists general roles for a PBIS team. All role should have a backup person identified in case someone is absent. 

Team Facilitator/Leader

Responsible for starting the meeting, reviewing the purpose of the meeting, and facilitating the meeting by taking the team through the agenda.

  • Asks questions to clarify
  • Can monitor conversation to keep everyone on task
  • Implements group norms

Minutes Recorder

Person who takes notes, records the team’s responses on flip chart paper, transparency, etc. Records what is decided, not what is said verbatim.

  • Records actions and decisions, not dialogue.
  • Can use a computer fluently (word processing)
  • Ability to listen to a conversation and paraphrase critical information
  • Distributes minutes within 24 hours of meetingBest to use electronic record keeping


Monitors the amount of time available and keeps the team aware of time limits by giving “warnings” (e.g., “We have 5 minutes for this topic” and “This is your two-minutes warning.”)

  • Can be part of Team Facilitator role or divided up

Data Specialist

Trained in entering and accessing data from the data system. Examines data beforehand and summarizes what the data says when it is presented to the staff.

  • Enjoys data and can navigate database with ease
  • Knows what to ask when creating graphs and examining data
  • Can describe the story from the data (i.e., What is happening? Is it working?)

Active Members

All other members of the team are active members. This means they are engaged, participating in discussion, and providing input on topics.

Behavior Specialist

Provides knowledge on behavior theory and PBIS implementation (does not have to be a distinct role, but instead can also be the Timekeeper, Data Specialist, etc). 


Provides leadership and can allocate resources to support implementation. Presence shows the value and importance of implementation of PBIS.

PBIS District/External Coach

Provides input on implementation and assists team with organizational change to support implementation. 


*Adapted from Florida PBIS.