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Elementary School Example of a Lesson Plan

Elementary School Example of a Lesson Plan

Step 1: Identify the expectation

Be Respectful


Step 2: Provide a rationale for teaching the expectation

It is important for us to be respectful of each other because we all have a right to feel heard and valued. While we are each individuals, together we are one school and being respectful to each other will create a safe, open, and collaborative school. 


Step 3: Define a range of examples


  1. The teacher is explaining the next activity to the class, you show respect by listening quietly. Your hands are in your lap and your eyes are on the teacher.
  2. During recess a student who you don’t usually play with asks to join your basketball game. You show respect by letting them join the game. 


  1. During library, the Librarian asks you to come to the circle for a story, you stay on the computer looking at animal pictures. (How could you show respect in the library?)
  2. In the cafeteria, you cut in front of other students to get through the line sooner. (How could you show respect in the cafeteria?)

Step 4: Describe activities for practice of expectation

  • Have students draw pictures of being respectful when they are with their family, with their classmates/friends, and within the environment.
  • Have students write a short story about a time when someone treated them with respect. 

Step 5: List methods to prompt/remind expectation

  • Post the expectations in the classroom where everyone can see them.
  • Precorrect students before difficult times (e.g., transitions, cafeteria, recess, library, small group activities) to behave respectfully. 

Step 6: Describe how you will assess student progress

  • Have the students color in a bar graph for every “PBIS ticket” their class gets. When the bar is full they get a reward (e.g., class party, no homework for a day, extra recess…).
  • Have the teacher track minor behavior slips and major office referrals for the class.