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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development - SFSP Online Trainings

SFSP Online Trainings

Audience: Other District/School Staff | Topic: School Nutrition | Hosted by: Office of School Nutrition

On-Demand format. SFSP Online Trainings
On-Demand format

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Required Sponsor Trainings: 

Updated online modules will be available March 1 2020

The following SFSP trainings are required for sponsors. The sponsor must complete required trainings 1-5 and the quiz to obtain a certificate. The certificate generates upon passing the quiz. 

  1. What to Know as a Sponsor (15 minutes) 
  2. Menu Planning 101 (15 minutes) 
  3. Menu Planning 201 (20 minutes) 
  4. Meal Service at the Site (15 minutes) 
  5. Financial Management (15 minutes) 
  6. Quiz and Certificate (20 minutes) 
  • Total Length: 1 hour and 40 minutes 
  • Professional Standards Learning Codes: 3200, 1100, 2400, 3300, and 3300

Additional Sponsor Trainings:

The following trainings are supplemental and are excellent resources for training site staff or to reference specific program requirements. 

Professional Standards Learning Codes: 3110, 4000, 3200, 3260, and 2400

Recorded SFSP Webinar:

2020 Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Training Webinar Recording (June 2, 2020) 

  • Webinar slides (PDF)
  • This webinar provides a high-level overview of SFSP requirements and discusses program flexibilities related to USDA waivers and COVID-19. Attending this webinar fulfills the 2020 sponsor SFSP training requirement. In order to receive a training certificate, you must watch the full webinar and complete the evaluation at the end. 


Contact Information

McKenna Pullen

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