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Emergency Feeding


School Food Authorities (SFAs) and other child nutrition program sponsors can serve free meals to children in the event of an unanticipated school closure, extreme weather event, natural disaster, or other similar situation. It is highly recommended that SFAs and sponsors develop an Emergency Readiness Plan to ensure a rapid and efficient response if an emergency situation arises. 

Emergency Preparation Tools and Guidance 

Which Programs are Available for Emergency Feeding? 

  • Seamless Summer Option (SSO)

    • SSO is only available to SFAs during the school year during an unanticipated school closure. 
    • May serve children ages 0-18 yeas. 
    • Example: Teacher Strike during the school week.  
  • Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) 

    • SFSP is available to organizations with current agreements to operate SFSP outside of the school year in a disaster situation. 
    • May serve children ages 0-18 years. 
    • Example: Boys and Girls club during the summer after a flood. 

Contact McKenna Pullen at 720-644-7259 to provide emergency feeding through SSO or SFSP. 

  • Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)  

    • CACFP is available at emergency shelters providing temporary housing for displaced families. 
    • May serve children 0-18 years and disabled adult participants. 

Contact Naomi Steenson at CDPHE to provide emergency feeding through CACFP

Building Excellent Schools Today Emergency Grant 

The Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Emergency Grant provides funding for public school facility emergencies. If an unanticipated event renders a significant portion or the entirety of a public school facility unusable for educational purposes, or if such poses an imminent threat to the health or safety of the persons using the public school facility, that school may be eligible for a BEST Emergency Grant. 

For more information, contact Andy Stine. 

Additional Guidance 

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