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Pathway to School Counselor for Licensed Clinical Counselors

Individuals who hold master's degrees in clinical counseling from a CACREP-accredited program* may complete an alternate pathway/certificate-program to complete the school counseling-specific coursework that was not part of their master's degree program and satisfy requirements for a special services license.

The following Colorado institutions of higher education offer this pathway:

Contact either institution directly for additional information about admission and other requirements.

Once enrolled, you may work with a Colorado school/district under a Temporary Educator Eligibility Authorization (TEE), which is valid for one year and which may be renewed up to twice with demonstration of ongoing progress toward meeting full licensure requirements. Your school/district will need to complete a verification form for you to include in the application.


*Note: If your master's degree program was not CACREP-accredited, contact CCE-Global to request an evaluation for equivalency.