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Home School Resources

The Colorado Department of Education does not endorse home school co-ops or support groups, but lists them strictly as an informational service to home school families. Each organization listed here, whether secular or religious-based, has requested to be posted on this site. However, this is not a complete list of the home school organizations throughout Colorado. 

Home school programs are considered private businesses and CDE does not have any jurisdiction over these types of programs. If you would like to file a complaint against a non-public organization, please contact the Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Unit at (720)508-6006 or click here to visit their website and file an electronic complaint.


Regional and Statewide Resources:

Brighton:Brighton Options Homeschool k-12
Brighton Options (Homeschool k-12) is open to all students regardless ofgeographic boundaries and offers  tuition free elective and academic classes which meet once a week, as well as a variety of programs and fun activities. An excellent selection of curriculum is available to check out for free. For more information, contact Amber Stevens at (720) 203-0239 or visit

Boulder Explore offers an enrichment program one day a week with classes in STEM, visual arts, and performing arts. We also offer on-line participation during the week through extensions, blogs, and on-line activities. For more information visit

Castle Rock:

Academy Charter School Homeschool Support Program offers classes exclusively for homeschool students. Contact information: 303.663.2374 or

Colorado Springs:

Academy District 20:  Home School Academy Programs: Our mission is to support and assist homeschooling families in their choice to be the primary educator of their children.  We offer three enrichment program options for students in grades K-8:  TRACKS – Outdoor Education, Academy of Arts – Integrated and Performing Arts, and the Home School Academy – Enrichment Program.  Programs are tuition free and offer additional resources to parents and students.  Please visit our website at  for additional information.

The Cottage School Program:  The Cottage School Program is one of seven schools within The Classical Academy, the largest K-12 charter school in our state.  Our language arts emphasis program for K-8 serves more than 340 families.  The Cottage School Program at TCA is designed to uphold family instruction, core values, and educational direction developed at home. We are here to assist and reinforce parents in their role as the primary educators and to enhance educational instruction.  In addition to our language arts Core Knowledge instruction, we also offer four specials classes:  music, art, PE, and Classical Elements.  For more information, please visit our website at: 

Secular Homeschool Support Group
Contact information: 719.749.9126 or

Donna's Dolphins Swim School offers Homeschool P.E., Private Lessons, Baby Classes, Adult Lessons, and much more! You will see results in WEEKS, not YEARS! Call us at (719) 487-SWIM or visit our website at for information and scheduling.

Denver Metro Area:

The Homeschool Alliance offers programs on Tuesdays from 8:45-3:30 for learners ages 5-16. This is a child-directed program that offers team building, group projects in STEM, literacy, and the arts. Contact information: 720-441-5061

Exl Learning Homeschool Hangout offers classes and resources for homeschool families pk-12 including assessments and portfolio support, tutoring, regular meeting space, and enrichment classes. Contact information: or (303) 364-9581 

Denver Online High School-In addition to being a Denver Public Schools online high school, Denver Online supports high school home school students with tuition free curriculum, social activities, transcript support and college opportunities for those who enroll on a full-time basis. Contact information: or visit our home page at

Engineering for Kids (K - 8th Grade) Engineering for Kids offers STEM based learning workshops and classes to assist Home School families in developing STEM related skills.  Kids will explore, design, create, build, test, improve and develop a love of learning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).   And, more importantly, kids gain confidence in their ability to understand how math and science apply in our world through fun, engineering projects and challenges.   Engineering instructors present hands-on, inquiry based activities that help kids learn through exploration and experience math and science that is relevant to their lives.  View our schedule at:  www. or call 720-390-7972.


Pi Q Math (1st - 6th Grades) believes that children can think deeply, reason effectively, persist at challenging problems, and be excited about mathematics. Pi Q Math is offering half-day camps on Mondays for home school families. The camp day is devoted to student-led exploration and play with mathematically rich games and puzzles and the encouragement of teachers who also love to play with math. Your child will also have access to our new Computer Center where they can learn how to program in Scratch or in LOGO or they can choose to be creative with iStopMotion and make their own stop motion animation film. Each time your child comes to Pi Q Math, they will tackle different, more difficult challenges so that their skills and their confidence continue to grow. Camps are located at Sixth Avenue UCC on 6th Ave between Steele and Adams.  Please call: (720) 263-5502 or visit

The Singer's Studio offers in-home, in studio, group, individual for Voice, Performance, Song Writing, Music Business, and more. Day and evening hours, all styles, ages, and levels. Super Train vocals and performance, put on a show, write a score, produce and train for hobbies and fun to industry standard levels. Contract, weekly or a la carte as needed, we will work with you and your budgets to design what you and your students need.  "This is not your average weekly lesson...Super Train with us!" or call 719-505-4349.   

STEM Enrichment Academy offers enhanced education through robotics and computer vision based projects for students in grades 5-12. Our courses are held at various locations and flexible times to help work within our student's busy schedules. Our program is designed to provide an engaging and problem-solving based learning experience incorporating the latest technology and applications from industry. For a content overview of how our curriculum aligns to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, please visit our site and submit your information. You can also contact David Duran by email or phone 720-460-1036.
Douglas County:eDCSD Online Education
A virtual/home school that offers a full elementary, middle and high school curriculum.
Elbert County:

Legacy Homeschool Academy is an enrichment program for K-8th grade students.  Once a week we hold classes in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Our mission is to reinforce parents and help them in their role as the primary educator.  We strive to enhance your child's education with music, art, PE, hands on science, creative writing, drama productions and more.   Our program is tuition free and we offer additional resources to parents and students. Come be a part of the Elbert County homeschool community.  Please visit our website at for additional information.

El Paso County:Mountain Vista Home School Academy is an alternative or an assistant to the home schooling parent in El Paso County. Mountain Vista is a 1st-12th grade enrichment program that meets once a week and is tuition free. Mountain Vista also offers other resources and activities.

Contact Information: or 719-579-2160

Fort Collins:Rocky Mountain Homeschoolers
Contact information:
or 970.206.9569.

Lewis-Palmer Homeschool Enrichment Academy

The Lewis-Palmer HomeSchool Enrichment Academy is a program designed to support families of homeschooled students in kindergarten through 8th grade. For information, contact Rose Dunphey at 719-640-6392 or


South Platte Park / Carson Nature Center

We offer several engaging nature/science-based programs throughout the year for homeschooled children in grades K-5.  Topics vary, but have included tracking, migration, winter survival, exploring aquatic animals, and other nature-related subjects.  Programs include classroom content and outdoor exploration with hands on discovery at South Platte Park.  Programs meet at the Carson Nature Center, 3000 W Carson Dr., Littleton and are less than $10 per student.  For more information, please visit us at, or call (303) 730-1022. You can also email

The Little Gym of West Littleton

TLG welcomes students from ages 4-12 years old to join us in our various 60 minute physical education classes.  Your child will participate our unique 3-Dimensional, curriculum-based lessons that involve "Get Moving", "Brain Boost", and "Citizen Kid" components.  Each week we offer individualized instruction for your child and you will receive a Skills Growth tracker email that will detail how your child is progressing.  Come experience and enjoy success at all levels!
* TLG also offers 45-minute Parent/Child classes for children 4 months - 2.5 years old.  Please visit our site for more information and a complete listing of class options.

Longmont: Longmont Homeschool Group is an inclusive group
welcoming people of various faith and belief systems, various
homeschool styles, various lifestyles, and just plain
variety in general! We enjoy park days, play dates,
Mom's-night-out and all sorts of other wonderful gatherings.
Things are never dull, and everyone is welcome!
Northern Colorado:

NICHE Homeschool Group
Northern Inclusive Colorado Home Educator's Eclectic Resource

Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (NCHA) is a group of homeschooling parents and children (aged infant through high school).  The majority of our families live on the Northern Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins - Loveland Area).  We are an inclusive, secular, eclectic, local, member-run organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers. Contact Information: 

Homeschoolers Under God (HUG) is a Christian support group for the homeschooling families in Northern Colorado. It is designed for fathers, mothers, and home-schooled children of all ages. Our purpose is to provide support, encouragement, information, and group activities to member families. 

South Denver:Common Grounds Homeschoolers
Support group in south Denver
Western Slope:

Grand Mesa Statesmanship Academy
We are a Commonwealth School which is a community-created Leadership Education vehicle that provides weekly, supplemental classes where students are mentored by their peers’ parents and have stewardship over what they learn through mentored projects, with a liberal arts focus.  We are a Christian-based organization and have classes for all ages.  Please email or call Tanya at 970-856-6623.


Inner Compass hosts the Homeschool Junction, a free resource group for homeschooling students and families to: find support and stay connected; share and discover curriculum that work; develop and implement effective teaching, learning and study strategies; and build friendships.  In addition, Inner Compass offers comprehensive psycho-educational assessment, educational testing, education coaching, and various enrichment and extracurricular opportunities.  Learn more at,, or by calling (970) 628-6425.

Colorado:Christian Cottage Home School Services provides testing, consultation, training, curriculum and accountability services for home school students and their families. Every program is designed the meet the individual needs of each student and family. Special needs and advanced learners are their specialty.
Colorado:Christian Home Educators of Colorado
Contact information: 720.842.4852 or

Classical Conversations (CC) homeschooling communities are located all around Colorado, the US and internationally. CC has been around for almost 20 years & has the leadership & longevity to show how our program works, plus the testimonies of how the community was the support many families longed for.  Our communities meet once a week where homeschool moms & dads are the paid tutors (teachers), directors & helpers.  CC programs focus on the three stages of learning: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.  Our communities can offer programs (based on need) starting from age K4 through graduation which include:


1) Foundations for grades K, 4-6th grade and meets from 9:30-12:30 in the mornings and focuses on History, Geography, Math, Science, Latin, English Grammar, and Timeline plus weekly presentations, hands-on science & fine arts.  2) Essentials for grades 4th-6th which meets in the afternoon and focuses on English Grammar (diagramming, sentence structures, etc), Math games, and IEW (writing program).  3) Challenge for grades 7th- graduation and the focus changes for each year.  Learn more on our website and find a community near you!


Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC)
The CTC is hosting a state Arbor Day Poster Contest.  The program is open to all 5th grade students within the state of Colorado (one entry per school or home school). The theme is "Celebrate Trees in Our Community."  The deadline is April 6, 2015, but entries can be submitted any time including the Fall of 2014. The 2015 CTC 5th Grade Poster Contest winning student will be recognized at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, along with the student's teacher, family members, local legislators and dignitaries. There will be an enjoyable recognition ceremony at the poster contest display, a tour of the Capitol, followed by a fun lunch within walking distance of the Capitol.  All winning posters from each school will be on display at the State Capitol for one week in April of 2015. For full guidelines and requirements visit our website: For more information, contact Kyle Sylvester, City Forester/City of Brighton,

Colorado:Future School - Online Learning Systems - your own personal math and English grammar tutor online. Includes a curriculum for Colorado. Visit for a demonstration of how Future School works.
Colorado:Homeschool Central
All the resources necessary to be a successful homeschool
Colorado:Homeschool Cheer
Complete Home Educator's Eclectic Resource website
Colorado:Homeschool Reporting
Whether you are an individual family needing a convenient
record keeping or an umbrella school desiring to reduce
administrative overhead, Homeschool Reporting Online
offers solutions.
Colorado:Homeschool World
The official Web Site of Practical Homeschooling Magazine,
this site offers a discussion forum as well as articles,
contests, events and a Colorado Homeschool Groups page.

Integrative Balance Psychotherapy-Integrative Balance Psychotherapy and Wellness Coaching provides services to children, adults, couples, and families throughout Colorado. In order to account for the challenges of rural living, clients have the option of attending appointments by confidential video call. Wesley Bowman, MSEd, LPC is an integrative psychotherapist, who has significant experience helping people with depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, emotional challenges, behavioral issues, trauma, and a variety of other obstacles. Ph: 970-238-0268



GIVE YOUR CHILD A GREAT HEAD START! Come learn the FUN-damentals of sports from the best!  It is our mission to empower children through physical fitness, giving them the skills, confidence and positive self-image to take on any challenge. Each sport consists of 5 weeks of instruction covering fundamentals, rules, nutrition and sportsmanship. A special awards ceremony is held at the end of each sport, giving the children a sense of achievement. The classes are also designed to bring out the best in our students in a FUN, NON- COMPETITIVE environment. We develop strength, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance and social skills (by implementing age appropriate Plyometric activities) and always make sure to instill the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. All Lionheart Fitness Kids classes are taught by fully qualified instructors, trained in each specific sport. Contact information: Contact Mike Simpson (413) 531-7369 or visit

Colorado: Military Christian Homeschoolers in Colorado
This support group for the El Paso County/Colorado Springs area
primarily focuses on Christian military families home schooling
preschool-aged children. However, all age groups are welcome
including those diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.
Contact information: 719.238.3443 or
(please post "Homeschool" in subject line)
Colorado: Rainbow Resources
Colorado:Rocky Mountain Education Connection
Colorado: Spiral Academy is a private school for homeschoolers that has served Colorado homeschoolers for almost 8 years. Also offers a repository service.
Contact information:

The Learning Center (TLC) is a community center for alternative learning families in Colorado.  We offer a cooperative, interest-led learning environment; passionate and focused instruction in small, multi-age classes and a creative and inspiring atmosphere for children to freely explore.  We run in two semesters (Aug-Dec and Jan-May).  Classes are held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00-3:00. For more information please visit or 720-289-0884 or 515-577-8672.


The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) provides financial education resources to those that home school. The financial literacy curriculum offered is engaging and fun, yet also meets educational standards. The NFEC is 100% independent and its financial literacy presentations are purely educational. Designed by educators, financial professionals, and financial education experts - the financial literacy curriculum bridges the gap between theory-based education and practical application.  Contact us at 775.549.0213 or visit
Colorado:Two Roads Homeschool with locations in Arvada and Littleton, serves homeschooling students from Kindergarten through 12th grade with tuition-free, weekly classes. Free curriculum check-out is also available. Contact information:
Colorado:The Home School Connection has locations in Westminster, Lakewood and Evergreen. Offering free fine arts and enrichment classes to home schoolers in kindergarten through 6th grade. For more information contact Bobbi at or visit us on the web at

If you're looking for Nationwide Resources, click here.



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