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IDEA - Part B and Preschool


Reference numbers following each bold title refers to the staff contact(s) (see list) at the bottom of this page.


Maintenance of Effort (MOE)7

With certain exceptions, funds provided to an LEA under Part B must not be used to reduce the level of expenditures for the education of children with disabilities made by the LEA from local funds, or the combination of State and local funds, below the level of those expenditures for the preceding fiscal year. 34 CFR §300.203


Tuition Rates (formerly Excess Costs for Facility Schools)3


Special Education (IDEA) Fiscal Files and Links5


State and Federal Grants Allocations5


State and Federal Grant Distribution Reports5


Indirect Costs6


Reference numbers following each bold title refers to the staff contact(s) (see list) at the bottom of this page.


Federal Application Narrative1, 2 or 4


3-Year Narrative Cycles2


Staff Coding Report3 - this is a link to the Data Pipeline Interchanges - Staff.  On this page are PDF files for you to choose.  Under the heading File Layout and Definitions, click on the 3rd bullet.  In the document, you will then need to scroll down to the section titled "2014-15 Staff Interchange – Staff Assignment Association" for the codes. 


For more information about any of the above (see reference number for contact):

1  Vicki Graham, Supervisor, Finance and Operations; Phone: 303-866-6442
2  Kim Boylan, Project Specialist, Finance and Operations; Phone: 303-866-6690
3  Lauren Rossini, Principal Consultant, Finance and Operations; Phone: 303-866-6688
4  Barb Goldsby, Director, Finance and Operations; Phone: 303-866-6695
5  Martin Petrov, Fiscal Grant Manager, Grants Fiscal; Phone: 303-866-6389
6  Adam Williams or Kirk Weber, School Finance Division; Phone: 303-866-6843 or 303-866-6610
7  Tim Kahle, Grants Fiscal; Phone: 303-866-6034


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