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The October 2002 Colorado public school membership (751,862) increased by 9,717 students from the
October 2001 count of 742,145 students. This was a 1.3 percent increase.

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Public School Membership 2002 Release Memo
Pupil Counts by Grade Comparisons (1982-1992-2002)
Pupil Counts by Race/Ethnicity Comparisons (1982-1992-2002)
Pupil Counts by Year (1982 through 2002)


Denver Metro Area Student Enrollment Increase from 1992 to 2002
District Ranking by Fall 2002 Pupil Membership (High to Low)
Districts Serving Non-Resident Students
Fall 2002 Pupil Membership by District and Grade Level
Fall 2002 Pupil Membership by District, Race/Ethnicity, and Percent Minority
Fall 2002 Pupil Membership by District Setting
Fall 2002 Pupil Membership by Instructional Program
Students Attending Public Schools Not in Parent's District of Residence

5-YEAR TREND DATA (District Level)

Membership Trends for American Indian Students (1998-2002)
Membership Trends for Asian Students (1998-2002)
Membership Trends for Black Students (1998-2002)
Membership Trends for District Totals (1998-2002)
Membership Trends for Elementary Schools (1992 to 2002)
Membership Trends for Hispanic Students (1998-2002)
Membership Trends for Secondary Schools (1992 to 2002)
Membership Trends for White Students (1998-2002)


Fall 2002 Pupil Membership by School and Grade level
Fall 2002 Pupil Membership by School, Ethnicity, Gender & Grade Level

Student Teacher Ratios

HOME-BASED EDUCATION MEMBERSHIP As specified in 22-33-104.5 C.R.S. (formerly "Home Study")

Home-Based Education (Fall 1998 to Fall 2002)


Fall 2002 Non-Public School Membership by Grade Level

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