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Transcript Requirements and Processes for Colorado Licensure


Many applications in the Colorado eLicensure system require that you upload electronic copies of your academic transcripts. This resource reviews the requirements and best practices related to transcripts so your application process goes smoothly.

Step 1

Well in advance of beginning any application, order your transcripts from each university/college you plan to list in your application. Official transcripts must be from an accepted institution of higher education.(e.g., one that is regionally accredited). These guidelines are in accordance with CRS 22-60.5--102(1). You must provide transcripts for every college/university listed.

Official transcripts must contain:

  • The signature of the University Registrar
  • Degree conferred (BA or MA, for example)
  • All coursework with course name, credit hours and grade

For colleges and universities outside of the United States you must provide a printed course-by-course transcript equivalency report provided by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). You may find a NACES member by visiting their website.

Transcripts from foreign universities must be translated in to English and you must provide a course-by-course equivalency report.  The only exceptions to the equivalency requirement are for Universities or Colleges attended in Canada or US territories.  These transcripts must still be in English, or you must provide a NACES-translated report.

Have the transcripts sent to you directly. We do not accept hardcopy transcripts that get mailed to us and we do not download any electronic transcripts via an e-transcripts service. If you receive transcripts via U.S. mail from your university, open the envelope and scan those transcripts into your application; we will still consider them "official" when they are uploaded into your application, even if the envelope indicates "unofficial if opened." If you choose to receive your transcripts electronically from your university or from an e-transcript service, you must have those transcripts sent to you and then you will upload them into your application.

Step 2

Scan and save to your computer a high-quality copy of those transcripts (front and back). View information on scanning and saving files.

Save each set of university/college transcripts into a separate file with your name and the institution name in the file title. (e.g. “Jane Doe UNC Transcript.pdf”, “John Doe CSU Pueblo Transcript.jpg”, etc.). Scanned transcripts must clearly depict the transcript in its entirety with your degree conferred, when applicable.

Unofficial, illegible, dark/light, distorted or partially scanned copies will not be accepted. Failure to upload a legible scan of all required official transcripts will significantly increase the processing time of your application.

Step 3

When requested in the application, upload your document(s). View information on using the upload controls in the elicensure system.


Important Notes

  • Do not mail or bring your transcripts to CDE, unless specifically requested to do so. Do not have any e-transcript service send us transcripts electronically, you must upload them into your application. Do not send us any external links to transcripts as we do not click on any external links sent to us. CDE does not file or store transcripts on your behalf.
  • CDE uses transcripts solely for the evaluation of your application. You are required to keep your official transcripts indefinitely in case of audit or for use in future applications.
  • Your application will be rejected if you submit transcripts before your degree is awarded.



For questions, submit a Licensing Support Request form or call 720-739-3304 (7:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday).