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Fingerprinting for CDE Licensure - Approved Vendor Selection

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Fingerprinting for CDE for any license or authorization (including substitute authorizations) issued by CDE pursuant to the Educator Licensing Act, 22-60.5-103 C.R.S. Select from one of the CBI approved fingerprinting vendors listed below to pre-enroll and set up a fingerprint appointment. Locations and appointments vary by vendor and are available on their websites.


Colorado Locations: Yes

Nationwide Locations: Yes

Mobile Fingerprinting: Yes, for groups of 30 or more people. Contact the vendor for details.

Service Code/Unique ID: 25YFZK - Clicking the link above will automatically initiate the process to schedule your fingerprint appointment at an IdentoGO enrollment center.

Mail-in Card Conversion Service: Yes. Click here and then click on the link titled "Submit a Fingerprint Card by Mail."

Payment Process: Payment will be collected at your service appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, open the email that you received at the time you booked the appointment, click on the link to check your status and then click the "Cancel Appointment" link.

American Bioidentity Inc./Colorado Fingerprinting*

Colorado Locations: Yes

Nationwide Locations: No

Mobile Fingerprinting: Unknown, contact vendor.

Service Code/Unique ID: 1134ETPI

Mail-in Card Conversion Service: Unknown, contact vendor

Payment Process: Payment is required at time of pre-enrollment. Contact the vendor if you need to cancel your appointment and for their refund policy.

*Colorado Fingerprinting is a private company and is not a state agency.

No other vendors, other than those listed above, are authorized to take fingerprints for CDE by statute. Colorado law requires that prints be taken by law enforcement or by a vendor approved by CBI. Using another vendor, may be costly and may require you to submit a new set of prints taken by one of the above listed vendors.

For a full list of fingerprint reasons, statutes and vendors click here to visit CBI's website and scroll down the list for details.