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Induction Programs

If you’re reading this, then you are a school district, BOCES, charter school, or non-public school operating or interested in developing an induction program for teachers, special service professionals (SSP), or principals and administrators.

Note: If you're an educator who is looking to:

  • Complete an induction program, please contact your district or BOCES.
  • Move your initial license to a professional license, access the licensure checklist to review the requirements.


Excellent teaching and leadership is vital to every student’s success, and educator development plays a key part in the retention and effectiveness of Colorado educators. To have maximum impact on student learning, educators must develop and evolve along with their students. Induction programs help set the stage for continuous growth and support of educators at the beginning of their careers or as they transition to new organizations or new roles within an organization.


  • The initial and renewal windows for 2021 will be combined this year. The application will be open February 1 through March 31.
  • Visit the Educator Talent COVID-19 FAQs page for guidance on operating induction programs during remote instructional environments.

Who Can be an Induction Provider

In accordance with the Educator Licensing and Preparation Rules and the revised statutes that govern approved induction programs (2260.5-R-13.00 & 14.00), school districts and BOCES must have their induction program(s) approved by the Colorado Department of Education for teachers, principals, administrators, and/or specialized service professionals. The signing of SB18-160 into law in April of 2018 and SB19-069 into law in March of 2019 now allows charter schools and non-public schools to have their induction program(s) approved by CDE as well. Districts may also partner with a BOCES or Institute of Higher Education to help develop or manage induction programs. All programs must be reviewed and renewed every five years.

Click here if you are interested in having CDE approve a new program at your institution.

Click here to begin the submission process for initial approval or renewal of an induction program at your institution.


NEW!--Mentor Program Resource Bank:  The development of effective mentors continues to be the area that programs report the most need for improvement.  CDE has put together this resource bank to support these program improvement efforts.

The CDE School Nurse Mentoring Program is available to school nurses who work as the only nurse in a school district, BOCES or charter school.

Induction Program Development Process

The flowchart below describes the basic steps to developing an induction program in Colorado.

Flow chart depicting the steps to developing an induction program

Learn more about the induction process and download resources