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Fingerprint FAQs

Below is a list of answers to questions that we are commonly asked.

Q7: My school district required that I be fingerprinted, does that satisfy this requirement?

A: No, some school districts fingerprint you in addition to the requirement for CDE. You must be fingerprinted specifically for CDE for the Educator Licensing Act.

Q8: What if my fingerprints are rejected by the CBI or the FBI?

A: If your submission is rejected by CBI, they will notify you. If your submission is rejected by the FBI, CDE will notify you via the email address you have associated with your eLicensing account. In either case, you will need to follow all instructions that accompany your notification. Generally, rejections are related to the quality of the prints, not with a criminal history finding. If you were printed at an IdentoGO location and the prints were rejected, IdentoGO will reprint you free of charge.

Q9: Can I use my fingerprints that were taken for my district, out-of-state, or for any other reason?

A: No, fingerprints are not transferable, as each entity is permitted to require and receive a background check under different statutes. Prints must be taken specifically for CDE for the Educator Licensing Act.

Q10: Where can I get fingerprint cards?

A: Fingerprint cards are not necessary if you have selected one of the options on the previous page. If you use a hard-copy fingerprint card, you will still need to select the most appropriate options from the previous page and mail that card, along with the card conversion fee, to the card conversion center. If you need to purchase a FD-258 fingerprint card, they can be purchased on or anywhere that sells them.

Q11: Where do I send my completed fingerprints along with the required fingerprint fee?

 A: This transaction must occur through the CBI approved fingerprint vendor.

Q12: Can I send my fingerprints directly to the FBI and pay the $19.00 fee as long as I mark CDE as the recipient of the information?

A. No, this would be a violation of state statute. Click the most appropriate option from the previous page and follow the instructions.

Q13: Do I have to wait to submit my application until after CDE has received my fingerprint results?

A: No, you can submit your application to us as soon as you have made your appointment to have your fingerprints taken. You should apply as close to your fingerprint submission date as possible. Do not rely on your fingerprint status shown on the vendor's website - that is their status only and it has nothing to do with your eLicensing status in COOL. Always use your account with us for up-to-date information.



For questions, submit a Licensing Support Request form or call 720-739-3304 (7:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday).