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Fingerprint FAQs

Below is a list of answers to questions that we are commonly asked.

Q: I live outside of Colorado, do I have to come to Colorado to be fingerprinted?

A: No, you can be printed anywhere in the United States as long as the prints are taken by a law enforcement agency (police or Sheriff's office) or their designee, in some cases. State law requires that your fingerprints be taken by a law enforcement agency (or its designee) only, see below for more information.

Q: Can I get fingerprinted at CDE?

A: No, CDE does not provide fingerprinting services and please do not mail or drop off your fingerprint cards to CDE. You must mail them to CBI along with the fee, see below for more information.

Q: My school district required that I be fingerprinted, does that satisfy this requirement?

A: No, some school districts fingerprint you in addition to the requirement for CDE. You must be fingerprinted specifically for CDE.

Q: My fingerprints are on file in another state, will those satisfy this requirement?

A: No, you must be fingerprinted specifically for CDE.

Q: What if I know I was fingerprinted for CDE, but my online status says that "I must submit"?

A: This can occur if your record with us is on our old system and you have a new eLicensing account. As long as you know that  you were fingerprinted specifically for CDE, we will sync that information up when we process your application in eLicensing. This also could be due to a fingerprint audit where fingerprint results may be insufficient for the records we have, if this is the case you will be notified by CDE.

Q: Is there a fee to be fingerprinted?

A: Yes, you must send a fee of $39.50 to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) along with your fingerprint card. This fee covers the search of the CBI and FBI records. This fee is in addition to any fee(s) that a law enforcement agency may charge to do the fingerprinting and any application fees. No personal checks are accepted. You can pay by money order/certified check or by authorization of a credit card payment. You can pay by credit card.

Q: What happens if my fingerprints are rejected by the CBI or the FBI?

A: If your fingerprint card is rejected by the CBI, they will notify you via U.S. Mail by returning your fingerprint card and fee. If your fingerprint card is rejected by the FBI, CDE will notify you via the email address you have associated to your eLicensing account. In either case, you will need to follow any instruction(s) that accompanies your notification. Keep in mind that if you have submitted an application to us, you only have 90 days from the date you applied before your application expires. After the 90 days, you will need to reapply. What if they were rejected due to a medical condition I may have? You must still submit fingerprints to the CBI, and you must include a letter from your Doctor describing the condition and how it effects the quality of your fingerprints.

Q: Where can I get a fingerprint card?

A: In most cases the law enforcement agency that fingerprints you will supply you with a fingerprint card. If not, cards can be purchased by clicking on one of these links:


Q: Can I get fingerprint cards from CDE or CBI?

A: No, neither CDE nor CBI provides fingerprint cards.

Q: Where do I mail my completed fingerprints along with the required fingerprint fee?

 A: You must mail them directly to the CBI. Do NOT mail fingerprints to CDE. We do not accept or process fingerprints at CDE. Submissions sent to us are not returned and are destroyed for security purposes.

Q: Can I send my fingerprints directly to the FBI and pay the $19.00 fee as long as I mark CDE as the recipient of the information?

A. No, they must be sent directly to the CBI along with the $39.50 fee which covers the cost of the Colorado check as well as the FBI check. If you do submit fingerprint cards directly to the FBI, those responses are not recorded with us and you will have to start the process over again.

Q: Can I mail my cards in a regular envelope?

A: No, if your fingerprint cards are bent, they will not be accepted as they are processed by a machine that requires the card to be flat with no bends.

Q: Do I have to wait for my fingerprint results before I can apply?

A: No, you do not have to wait. You can apply as soon as you have mailed your fingerprints to the CBI along with their fee. We will process your application once we receive your results.

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