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Technical Assistance Requirements: Sub-grantee Support

CCSP Technical Assistance Requirements: Sub-grantee Support

The CDE Schools of Choice places great value on providing high-quality support and training based on researchproven best practices that are intentionally designed to improve each school’s chance for success. Therefore, participation in technical assistance events is expected of sub-grantees. Flexibility exists within the technical assistance requirements for schools to tailor their selection of trainings to best meet the school’s unique needs. Using the technical assistance requirements as a plan, and grant funds as a resource, schools should self-evaluate and use this opportunity to build capacity. A training request form must be completed and submitted to CDE Schools of Choice at PRIOR TO any individualized training for pre-authorization, and credit will be issued once the authorized training request form is resubmitted with reflections on professional development gains from the training.

Click here to view a downloadable version of the CCSP grant technical assistance requirements for Planning Year O, Implementation Year 1, and Implementation Year 2. 

Sub-grantee Support in Planning Year

  • CCSP Grant & Application Training - Required
  • CCSP Grant Budget Workshop (2 events) - Encouraged
  • CCSP Grant Post-Award Webinar - Required 

Sub-grantee Support in Year 1 Implementation 

  • CCSP Grant Renewal Proposal  - Required 
  • CCSP Implementation Grant Site Visit (schedule w/ Schools of Choice office) - Required 

Sub-grantee Support in Year 2 Implementation 

  • Charter School Support Initiative (CSSI) Webinar - Encouraged 
  • Charter School Support Initiative (CSSI) Site Visit - Required