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2009 Administrative Salary Survey Results

In the fall of 2009, the Schools of Choice Unit conducted an informal survey of all charter schools in the state to broadly examine administrative salary costs. The survey was in response to numerous requests from charter school operators in Colorado in an effort to implement financial best practices. The information was provided primarily by administrators and business office personnel at individual charter schools. (The information provided below does not constitute legal or financial advice. Each school program is unique and administrative salary expenses should reflect not only the program requirements, but also the qualifications and responsibilities of the administrator.)

A summary of the findings is provided in the following word document:
Salary Survey Results Summary [docx]

The results in this document do not represent the complete findings of the survey. Results have been summarized into the most useful information for examining the administrative salary range. Data is presented in a format that best lends itself to comparison between schools with a similar number of students.

A spreadsheet of raw data can be found here: Admin Salary Analysis 01-05-10 [xls]

In this spreadsheet, the data has been sorted by color according to the salary range of the single top administrative position. Additional pages within the spreadsheet are then sorted to examine the salary range in comparison to the size of the student body, number of instructional staff members, and to other administrative salary expenses.

The following questions were included on the survey:

  • Approximately how many students are enrolled at your school?
  • How long has your school been in existence, or been operational as an independent charter school?
  • How many total instructional staff members are employed either full or part time at your school?
  • How many administrative positions (head of school, executive director, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operations officer, principal, assistant principal, vice principal, etc.) are there at your school?
  • How many administrators are selected, hired, and reviewed by the governing board of the school?
  • What is the annual salary range (including benefits and merit pay) for the single top administrative position?
  • If your school has more than one administrator, what is the annual salary range (including benefits and merit pay) for the second highest paid administrator?
  • If your school has more than one administrator, what is the combined annual salary range (including benefits) for all administrative positions?

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