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CoAlt Training

This fall, virtual training for the Spring 2024 Colorado Alternate (CoAlt) assessment administration will occur. Participation in the CoAlt Assessment  Administration Training for Assessment Coordinators (below), the CoAlt DLM ELA/Math Assessments Administration Training for Test Administration Training, and The CoAlt Science Assessment Administration Training for Test Administrators (available on the DLM Educator Portal) satisfies the annual CoAlt training requirements for all District Assessment Coordinators before the spring administration.


Annual training is required for all School Assessment Coordinators and Test Administrators involved in administering the CoAlt assessments. Districts may choose to require in-person training or allow teachers to complete the self-guided training for all content areas, including the CoAlt: Science Assessment Administration Training for Test Administrators, through the DLM Educator Portal. Regardless of the type of training, teachers must complete both training quizzes through the DLM Educator Portal.

CoAlt Training for Assessment Coordinators

Spring 2024 CoAlt Training

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