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Colorado Student-Centered Science Assessment Toolkit

The Colorado Student-Centered Science Assessment Toolkit is a sustained and supported professional learning experience designed to shift the culture of assessment to one where students experience assessment as an important part of learning that is positive, confidence-building, and empowering and teachers have access to assessments that are designed to reveal pivotal information about student sensemaking. The Toolkit experience supports school and district leaders in using assessments as a way to cultivate relationships and use classroom-generated bodies of evidence as a primary driver of instructional improvement strategies. The Toolkit approach supports ongoing, embedded learning that connects to the work educators are doing in their classrooms and focuses on the development of functional assessment literacy. The Toolkit was developed and is supported, in partnership, with Dr. Sara Cooper at the University of Colorado, Boulder, the Learning Policy Institute, and Contextus.


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Toolkit Modules


For more information on the Toolkit or to find out how to access professional learning experiences or personalized coaching, please contact Angela Landrum, CDE Principal Consultant, Assessment Systems.