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Title I Schoolwide Programs

What is a Title I Schoolwide Program?

  • A schoolwide program is a comprehensive school reform model.
  • The model is designed to generate high levels of academic achievement in core academic areas for all students, especially those who are not demonstrating proficiency in meeting the state’s academic content and achievement standards.
  • All Title I schoolwide programs must have a plan that contains the 10 requirements: 
  1. Comprehensive Needs Assessment.
  2. Schoolwide Reform Strategies.
  3. Instruction by highly qualified teachers.
  4. High-quality and ongoing professional development for teachers, principals, and paraprofessionals and if appropriate, pupil services personnel, parents and other staff to enable students to meet the State's achievement standards.
  5. Strategies to attract high-quality  highly qualified teachers to high-needs schools.
  6. Strategies to increase parental involvement in accordance with section 1118, such as family literacy services.
  7. Plans for assisting preschool children in the transition from early childhood programs, such as Head Start, Even Start, Early Reading First, or a State-run preschool program, to local elementary school programs.
  8. Measures to include teachers in the decisions regarding the use of academic assessments in order to provide information on, and to improve, the achievement of individual students and the overall instructional program.
  9. Activities to ensure that students who experience difficulty mastering the proficient or advanced levels of academic achievement standards shall be provided with effective, timely additonal assistance which shall include measures to ensure that students' difficulties are identified on a timely basis and to provide sufficient information on which to base effective assistances.
  10. Coordination and integration of Federal, State, and local services and programs, including programs supported under this Act, violence provention programs, nutrition programs, housing programs, Head Start, adult education, vocational and technical education and job training.

Benefits of Schoolwide Programs

  • Flexibility – combining resources, serving all students, redesigning the school and its services.
  • Coordination and Integration – reduction in curricular and instructional fragmentation.
  • Accountability – clear and coordinated; all students are responsible for achieving the same high standards.
  • Unified Goals – schoolwide programs bring parents, the community and the school together to redesign and improve the school.

Below are a set of documents that are helpful to those schools that currently operate a Title I schoolwide program and those seeking to better understand this program:


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