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ESSA State Committee of Practitioners (CoP)

The Committee of Practitioners serves to advise the state in carrying out its responsibilities under the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. It operates to identify issues across regions of the state and facilitate two-way communication between CDE and the preK-12 education community throughout Colorado.

As mandated by law, the membership of the committee includes:

  1. as a majority of its members, representatives from local educational agencies;
  2. administrators, including the administrators of programs described in other parts of this title;
  3. teachers, including vocational educators;
  4. parents;
  5. members of local school boards;
  6. representatives of private school children; and
  7. pupil services personnel.

The duties of the committee include a review, before publication, of any proposed or final state rule or regulation pursuant to ESSA. In an emergency situation where such rule or regulation must be issued within a very limited time to assist local educational agencies with the operation of the program under this title, the state educational agency may issue a regulation without prior consultation. In such a circumstance, the state may use alternative methods of communication such as webinar/phone conferences and/or e-mail attachments to solicit input and advice from committee members prior to issuance. Thereafter at the next scheduled meeting of the State Committee of Practitioners, the state will submit the emergency regulations for review before issuance in final form.

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