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NCLB Needs Assessments

The Federal Programs Unit contracted with RMC Research in Denver through the Southwest Comprehensive Center to develop a guidebook for conducting needs assessments. Needs assessments are required under many of the NCLB programs, and this guide is designed to assist districts in this process.

A Guide for Comprehensive Needs Assessment - pdf

Below are links to various needs assessment tools that can be helpful to districts in identifying specific needs that can be used for developing their NCLB Consolidated Applications.

Title I, Part A

Building Level Indicators - pdf
Needs Assessment - pdf
Sample Needs Assessment Survey - pdf
Self-Assessment of District - word
Self-Assessment District Accreditation Quality Indicators - pdf
Student Data Analysis - pdf

Title I, Part C

Liaison Needs Assessment - word
Migrant Coordinator Needs Assessment - word
Migrant Parent Survey - word
Student Needs Assessment Interview Questions - word
Student Needs Assessment Summer (English) - word
Student Needs Assessment Summer (Spanish) - word
Teacher Needs Assessment - word

Title II, Part A

Guidelines for Conducting a Needs Assessment- word
Professional Development Survey - pdf
Teacher and Principal Needs Assessment Survey- pdf

Title II, Part D

Conditions for Technology Use- pdf
Supportive Environment for Technology Use - pdf

Title III

Guidelines for LEA Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan - word
Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan - pdf
Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan - word

Title IV, Part A

Healthy Youth Survey - pdf
Prevalence Surveys - word
Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey - pdf
School Climate Quality Analytic Assessment Instrument
Student Climate Survey Elementary School
Student Climate Survey High School

Title V

Charter Leaders' Survey - pdf
Needs Assessment: Implementation of RtI in Targeted Assistance Schools - xls

Multiple Titles

High School Student Survey - pdf
Intermediate Student Survey - pdf
Primary Student Survey - pdf
School Improvement Survey - Family Perspectives (English) - pdf
School Improvement Survey - Family Perspectives (Spanish) - pdf
Student Survey Middle Grades - pdf
School Staff Survey of School Characteristics - pdf

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